The image of Lady Gaga from the studio that we rub our shoulders with. music

Two emojis and two pictures. This is one of those stories that is quite a journalistic challenge but you know that sooner or later you will read it again and enjoy it. Because Lady Gaga The recording is in the studio, something that is always extraordinary and huge news because of what it involves.

It had been many (many) months since we saw Germanotta dedicating time to the recording of his new musical project. Given the secrecy that always prevails in his work, the real challenge is to find out if we are facing a new album or a composition for the soundtrack. joker 2 On which he is working.

The musical aspect of the sequel to the popular and heartbreaking film served as a sign for Lady Gaga to deliver what will probably be another excellent performance as we were already able to enjoy it. versace or in a star is born,

But everything indicates that something more (or more, depending on how you look at it) will happen. The New Yorker took a self-portrait in a recording studio showing off the tattoo on his arm that makes it clear new music is on the way. Emojis and recording cables do the rest to make it clear that you only have to wait patiently to enjoy unbeatable news.

In the images we can see Lady Gaga in unique shape, radiant and even enviable if someone asks us, with vitality and youth. Things are going great for the American artist A few months ago he surprised us with his collaboration with the Rolling Stones on Sweet Sounds of Heaven, And A few days ago he shared the stage with U2 singing Shallow.

“Today I wanted to share a more personal moment with you. I know I haven’t done this lately and some of you have been missing me sharing more about my artistic process. I I’ve been experiencing creativity in a very special and personal way since last summer – I composed music for a special project, I’ve been preparing for my Joker character for months, I’ve been shooting Joker for several months. (It’s been an introspective period), I’m launching my start-up Haus Labs, doing philanthropic work and additionally, I’m working on editing the film The Chromatica Ball”, He told us about his upcoming projects a few months ago.

The Rolling Stones – Sweet Sounds of Heaven (ft. Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder)

“For the first time in many years, I can say I have never been more satisfied with my passion for art, music, fashion, and building my community of fans. I probably won’t be able to upload as much content online as I did before ” But I hope you know that this time has been extremely healing for me to recharge my heart, mind, body, and creativity – to create within myself and live an individual life that is just for me. I’m sure it might be different because I don’t always take care of my privacy so much (I’m sure this will make you laugh) – but I love my fans, my Little Monsters, very much and that will never change . I can’t describe how much this global community inspires. I can bring as much happiness as possible into your life every day. This is a photo of me working on Chromatica Ball film (the one behind me is a shot from the film) and I’d really like you to see it. Thank you for wanting to grow with me so that I can change and evolve with a community that loves so much. He said, “I hope you enjoy all the things I’m creating for you and I hope it’s a small reminder of my deep passion and commitment to the arts.”

It looks like his new artistic project is already underway…

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