the images that show the couple on a date on horseback that generated reactions on social networks

The singer Bad Bunny and the model Kendall Jenner have been seen on several occasions together, which confirms rumors that they are romantically involved.

On March 9, the two celebrities were seen kissing outside a West Hollywood restaurant.

Now, the couple that has captured the attention of the media and social networks have been seen again, on this occasion, while they were riding a horse.

According to the photos shared by the media TMZ, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner are seen while riding a horse. According to the outlet, this occurred at the Hidden Hills Equestrian Center, in California.

The images show the singer while hugging the model’s waist, while she takes several photos from her cell phone.

According TMZ, the couple took turns on several occasions to be able to ride the horse.

The photos generated various reactions on social media.both from users who showed joy for the new couple, as well as the classic memes of the situation seen in the photos.

Rumors about the relationship between Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner started from February 18.

These rumors were started by the podcast DeuxMoi where they assured that the singer and the model they kissed in a discoand despite not having images, they affirmed that they had several witnesses who could confirm it.

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