The Imminent Premiere Of A Breakthrough Prime Time

Everything is ready for the beginning of September with the premiere of Spanish television season 2023/2024, Major chains have made reasonable changes to their programming grids and announced with much fanfare the news they will present to audiences in the near future.

The September series leads on an assault through the worlds of 'John Wick' and 'The Boys' with Jennifer Aniston and Daryl Dixon.

The September series leads on an assault through the worlds of ‘John Wick’ and ‘The Boys’ with Jennifer Aniston and Daryl Dixon.


There will be significant changes in the morning slot (Telecinco has been completely restructured and there will be heavy betting on La 1) Morning), there will be an interesting contest with the premiere in the afternoon afternoon And Social classAnd some of the best bets will come in prime time.

If we focus on prime time, the next few weeks will see a steady stream of releases.

In the beginning, there will be a frenetic activity with the finale on the night of Monday, September 4. Grand Prix (La 1) and the new season premiere of anthill (antenna 3), intermediate (Sixth), who is coming (telecinco), first dates And flying i go (These are in the last two quatros).

Chains are promoting their arsenal during the last few weeks of the holidays. it was almost unnecessary to announce the return of Paul Motorcycles And Wyoming, for example, since it was assumed. But there are some notable innovations that should be advertised on screen again and again. However, some still do not have a release date.

The duel between the main series throughout the summer has been largely adjusted. Antena 3 ended with its weakest lead at the end of August, La 1 consolidated its third position and Telecinco seemed unable to halt its decline.

This season is going to be intense, and Prime time will once again play a decisive role When the balance has to be tilted to one side or the other. These are the impending premieres with which the television course begins.


1 Starts The Season By Setting All His Expectations the winner, but it will also bet on other well-known formats. Also, the final season of tell me how did it happen and the return of sewing masters,

  • the winner: The popular reality show on Basque television has recorded a national version for TVE. Raquel Sanchez Silva and Julian Intazzi will be the presenters. It will premiere on La 1 “very soon”.

antenna 3

Something new is on the agenda for Antena 3, although it will also bet on releasing new installments of programs that are already consolidated on its grid.

  • destination: Manel Fuentes’ new competition, coming from the Netherlands with a giant screen featuring 100 people competing, airs Wednesday, September 6 at 10:45 p.m. prime time.
  • speaking in silver: The reportage program presented by Sonsoles Onega and Alberto Chicotey returns to the night of Antena 3 with its second installment, dedicated to “second class citizens”. It will be telecast on Thursday, 7th September at 10:45 pm.
  • sound: The tenth edition of the music contest presented by Eva González will be released “very soon”, but its date has not yet been announced. Luis Fonsi, Malu, Antonio Orozco and Pablo Alborán will repeat as coaches, and they also already know their mentors.


Cuatro will once again rely on the titles that have given it the best viewership data throughout the year. Its promotional ads also include the new season of travel with chesterBut its imminent release is not expected.

  • first dates: As is logical, Cuatro has recorded more installments of one of his most-watched shows. dating format carlos sobera The season premieres Monday, September 4 at 9:45 p.m. ET.
  • flying i go: The travel show hosted by Jesus Calleja will premiere its ninth season on Monday, September 4 at 10:50 p.m. ET. It will make its first stop in Belmonte, a municipality in the province of Cuenca, where the World Championship of Medieval Fighting is held.
  • fourth millennium And Horizon: The “Iker World” programs, as Cuatro calls them, will return to the small screen in September with new installments, but their exact release date has not yet been announced.
  • two gypsy weddingsAfter finishing the broadcast of : gypsy kingCuatro will be reunited with his heroes two gypsy weddingsa spin-off focusing on the marriage of the rebels,


Telecinco has started the syllabus with a good selection of news which will be released in the coming days. He would later table another series of bets for prime time got Talent, entrevias, music of your life and Disney premieres.

  • who is coming: Season 13 of this popular comedy will be aired on Telecinco from Monday, September 4 at 10:00 PM. Chapters premieres in December 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. In fact, it will return with “repeat”.
  • victim of the warlock: This documentary on the case of Rodrigo Nogueira, the man who conned dozens of women, will air Wednesday, September 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Joaquin Pratt will present a program that will analyze the keys to reporting.
  • GH VIP: The reality show will return to the small screen four years after the sexual abuse scandal of a contestant. The eighth edition, led by Ion Aramendi and Marta Flitch, will premiere on Thursday, 14 September.
  • chinese stories: This is one of the titles which has raised the most expectations. The new program of Jorge Javier Vazquez will be broadcast in Access, where it will compete anthill, Some key details have already been revealed, but not its release date (though it’s expected to be Monday the 11th).
  • 80 years of success. julio iglesias: Telecinco will celebrate the 80th anniversary of Julio Iglesias with the broadcast of this documentary featuring Carlos Lattre, José Mota, Potti, Juan Luis Cano and José María Aznar, among others. There is still no date, it is possible that it will coincide with the artist’s 80th birthday on 23 September.


laSexta hasn’t announced too many new features for its prime time run, although it can be assumed that new installments research team And sixth column, Saturday afternoon it will launch soon better saturdayWith Adela Gonzalez and Boris Izaguirre.

  • disassembling: Boris Izaguirre will explain some curious details of Spain’s history in this program that, although it has no release date yet, has been promoted for weeks.

Movistar Plus+

Telefonica platform will launch new seasons distinguished ignorant And singh talks on September 12, and will premiere primetime On Friday the 15th. In addition, it will continue to bet on the two events already consolidated on its grid.

  • resistanceDavid Broncano will reunite with Movistar Plus+ viewers on Monday, 11 September at midnight.
  • Martinez & Brothers: The Dani Martinez Show returns to the stage on Thursday, September 14 with three new guests each week.


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