The Immortal and The Rock’s Contribution: Here’s how he helped Hugh Jackman

Tonight back on TV Wolverine – The Immortal, the 2013 film directed by James Mangold, which allowed us once again to review Hugh Jackman as the famous Marvel superhero. This time, however, the protagonist of the saga to get back in shape, asked for a hand from another very important star, that is The Rock.

In fact, Hugh Jackman had the strong need to put on a large amount of muscle mass in a relatively short time and soì asked Dwayne Johnson for some advice, the former wrestler now landed in the world of cinema, who suggested a particular meal plan.

“I’m a constitutionally very thin type” Jackman said “and I needed to put on a lot of weight quickly but that’s not easy for me. Building Wolverine’s physique is extremely complex. So I called The Rock and he gave me a simple indication. I kept at least six thousand calories a day. I remember he said to me: ‘You start eating chicken and broccoli at half past six in the morning and you eat every two hours.’ It wasn’t easy at all. “

Although Hugh Jakman’s farewell to Wolverine is now final, it always makes a great impression to find out qHow much hard work is behind such a great role. Fans, however, must not despair, the actor himself said he was convinced of the arrival of a new Wolverine in the MCU.

Who would you see well in the shoes of this superhero? Tell us of course in the comments.

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