The immunologist Alfredo Corell denounces a hate crime for some homophobic posters in the Faculty of Medicine of Valladolid

“An act of hate” carried out by someone from his “closest” work “environment” who yesterday would have wallpapered a corridor of the Valladolid Faculty of Medicine with posters announcing a false conference given by him on “anal intercourse ». Professor of Immunology and science popularizer Alfredo Corell Almuzara has denounced having been the victim of a homophobic attack which has already been brought to the attention of the Police.

After two in the afternoon the posters appeared for the first time. They announced a conference on “Anal intercourse. A healthy habit» in which “free condoms among the attendees” would be distributed and which was organized by the Triángulo Foundation and endorsed by the University of Valladolid. After proceeding to withdraw him, an hour and a half later “they nailed them again,” according to the professor and prestigious immunologist on his Twitter profile.

It is not the first time that in those same corridors he has denounced being the victim of homophobic attacks. Four years ago, leaflets were distributed on three occasions in which he was branded a “faggot and a socialist”. Facts that have not been clarified.

On this occasion they are clear that “without a doubt, the person or persons who have carried out this act of hatred are my close environment. Or from faculty or administration and services staff of the Faculty of Medicine “and” unlikely to be students “, “rather from my fifth”, and whom he calls ” cowards sheltered in anonymity “, he points out.

The facts have been reported to the National Police so that they carry out the “proper investigation”, explained Corell, who in turn has requested students and “decent staff, which is a lot”, on social networks to “That I can know data about the author, author, authors…» contact him.

For its part, the University of Valladolid (UVA) has condemned the “homophobic attack” in a message posted on its Twitter social network profile on Tuesday. The academic institution has shown its rejection of this “detestable action” that Corell himself has assured that he has already informed the National Police.

In addition to condemning the attack, the UVA has influenced its defense for a inclusive university has expressed his support and solidarity with the comrade who has been the victim of these offensive posters and has pointed out that will perform all necessary actions.

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