The importance of people in organizations and the search for their well-being

Human Resources Forum and the University of Nebrija with the sponsorship of EY and the collaboration of companies such as Recruiting Erasmus, Fundación máshumano, OpenHR and DKV, in this III Edition of the Summer School have had the statements of Isabel Sánchez Ruiz, CEO, Delaviuda Confectionery Group explaining the importance of people in organizations and the search for their well-being.

Nowadays, the management of people in organizations has become a crucial point, in such a way that the CEOs of the companies and the management committee need at their side those in charge of making everything work correctly together. the workers of an organization. Since, as Isabel Sánchez Ruiz, CEO, Delaviuda Confectionery Group, explains, «It’s very important right now.” the role of human resource managers in being able to maintain “people’s motivation and knowing how people feel”.

Likewise, Isabel Sánchez affirmed during her speech that the focus of her company, today, is the well-being of people. “Professional development is important but perhaps we have more focus on the well-being of people and their mental health and, to this end, we are training our leaders and managers to manage this type of situation. You have to have much more empathy, left hand, actively listen, etc.»

In conclusion, all the quality time dedicated to the teams must be taken very seriously, bearing in mind that not only the director of people has the responsibility, but the entire management team must take action; since «The director of people gives us the tools to be able to undertake this, but it is a responsibility of each and every one of our directors. Let’s not think that it is something of the human resources team, because it is important that everyone is trained in leading and managing»emphasizes Isabel Sánchez.

If you missed the ‘Summer School 2022 – Human Resources Forum – Nebrija University’ with EY, in the following link you have the full video of the first face-to-face morning session, here:

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