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As we have seen on social networks, there are many actors who have been seen in their underwear – in fact, today we have been able to see a picture of Maluma in underwear that has aroused many passions as we have already told you Mentioned on MegaStarsFM—or even on some of the best fashion runways, there are some who even have their own fashion lines of underwear.

This is the case, among many, of Rihanna, who has since created her own Savage x Fenty lingerie line She has always been the first to showcase her models which look great on her. And she’s not only done it once, but we’ve been able to see her as an image of the brand when she was single, when she was in a relationship, when she wasn’t pregnant and now, when she is pregnant. Through these pictures, we have been able to see for the first time how the interpreter of ‘Umbrella’ is breastfeeding.

your new line

To take advantage of this moment in her life that Rihanna is going through – the singer you can hear in the Best of CADENA 100 musical variety – has decided Launch a new range of Nursing Bras. In fact, the idea of ​​the product that Singer brings is always Whatever your body type, there will be a product for you. Because all bodies are equally valid. Hence, there is no better way than to showcase this idea in its splendid form.

“Not your mom’s maternity bra… designed by Rihanna, baby approved by RZA #SavageXMaternity”, What is the meaning of the message she is sending, the singer wrote alongside the pictures, which are spreading across the world, where we can see her little RZA drinking milk. Brand herself commented on the publication, alluding to the singer’s role as a mother: “Service Mother”.

your contribution to women

The truth is, Rihanna is not only sending the message that all bodies are valid, but she’s also being a huge support in the fight for some women who are looking to see how Lately, Breastfeeding Your Babies Has Become A Taboo To many when done in public. With these publications, the singer attests to the normality of the situation with the naturalness that comes from being one of them. The most primitive and necessary gestures of man.

The Rihanna Savage X line… has become one of the most important and iconic lingerie brands worldwide Because, as we noted earlier, their commitment to the diversity of bodies; But also for not giving up on sensuality after RZA became a mother and now with her newly pregnant lady, as can also be seen in Savage X Maternity.

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