The impressive growth of Las Vegas in the last three decades seen from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) shared satellite images showing the impressive growth of the population of Las Vegas from space, within the framework of the World Population Day held on July 11.

In this time lapsethe ESA chooses the tourist city of Las Vegaswho has lived a exponential change in the last decades. In 1980, the population was almost 165,000 inhabitants, 100,000 more residents than those who lived in 1960.

Starting in the ’80s, Las Vegas has gone increasing population exponentially where, in the 2000s there was a great population jump with 480,000 inhabitants, 220,000 more than in 1990.

Over the years the population has been growing progressively and, according to the estimation of the census bureau of the USA in 2021, this metropolis in the state of Snowfall It has a population of almost 650,000 inhabitants. To get an idea of ​​this increaseare 63,000 more people than in 2010.

Territorial evolution of Las Vegas

Las Vegas with its urban plan in the form of Grid is visible near the center. Sitting in a basin Mojave desertthe city is surrounded by a series of mountain ranges.

The large dark area shown is the lake mead, the largest reservoir in the country. Its main source is Colorado Riverwhich flows from the east and to the south.

East reservoir mass was established in the early 1930s with the construction of the Hoover dam on the Colorado River. Drought and increased demand for water in recent years have caused a decrease in water levelsreaching historic lows in 2015.

The evolution of global footprint has been generated by processing seven million satellite images Landsat Y Sentinel data collected between 1985 and 2016 and illustrates the global growth of human settlements year after year.

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