The impressive resemblance of Camilo and Evaluna’s kitchen, with that of Selena Gómez

One of the most noticeable details when we compare the kitchen of Camilo and Evaluna, with that of Selena Gómez, is the implementation of Subway Porcelain tile as well as the preeminence of vintage colors.

Camilo Y Evaluna Montaner They are one of the most media couples since their wedding in 2020, when they decided to share with their followers the most intimate details of their life, as was the first home of Latino musicians located in Miami at that time.

She, actress, singer and dancer; he, an integral musician: the perfect duo. Camilo Y Eva Luna They decided to formalize their relationship while they were still very young, and they dreamed of a future together that began in the little house they called “La Colmena”, which was the scene of the video clip for the song “Vida de rico”.

Recently, Camilo Y Eva Luna they have welcomed their first offspring Indigo, so they decided to do some remodeling in their “hive”, starting with the kitchen, as they have shared through their social networks. The event was reviewed by the website viapais.com in which you can appreciate the new style that they have wanted to give to this space.

the new kitchen Camilo Y Eva Luna It has a vintage vibe, very similar to the kitchen of Selena Gomez, Exhibited at her home in Malibu, where she has made the recordings of her cooking show “Selena + Chef”. One of the most notorious similarities between the kitchen of the music stars is that both mix old design objects with avant-garde and modern accessories.

in the kitchen of Camilo Y Eva Luna We can appreciate the preeminence of vintage colors such as blue, green, and pink, whether in the appliances, furniture, utensils, or other accessories: Italian-style coffee maker, pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery. In addition, the most obvious thing is the implementation of the subway porcelain tile that stands out in the midst of all things.

Another very similar aspect between the kitchen of Camilo Y Eva Luna, with that of Selena Gomez, are the large closets or cabinets with glass doors that reveal part of the family china. Of course, the correct choice of white for the walls and countertop is a detail that deserves all approval, since this hue provides a greater sensation of light and spaciousness.

The impressive resemblance of Camilo and Evaluna’s kitchen, with that of Selena Gómez. Photo: viapais.com

The impressive resemblance of Camilo and Evaluna’s kitchen, with that of Selena Gómez.
Photos: arquitecturaydiseno/purodiseno.lat/vogue.mx/publimetro.mx

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