The incident that led Mila Kunis to put on “children’s underwear” to appear on television

Mila Kunis She is one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood, but also one of the most controversial, because sometimes her lifestyle and decisions have been highly questioned by his followers.

We are talking, for example, about that viral conversation about hygiene of your children and what are her habits and those of her husband, Ashton Kutcherto take a shower

However, he has now made another confession that could lead to a great anecdote. And it is that, apparently, in the middle of promoting her latest project, ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’, she went to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

What led Mila Kunis to wear boys’ underwear?

The ‘Friends with Benefits’ actress traveled from Los Angeles to New York for the interview, but with her and her team His entire dressing room did not arrive.

Thus, when he got to the dressing room, he realized that he had not brought his underwear: “I open my garment bag to put on this dress and these shoes, but there is no bra or underwear or socks“.

To which he continues before any questions: “Why he wasn’t wearing those clothes is another story.”

Given this, there were only two options, go buy what was missing or make do with what he found. Thus, as there was no time to replenish, he had to make do with what his team had over there, since wearing the transparent dress without underwear was not an option.

“I am currently using my publicist’s bra, my manager’s socks and your wardrobe team found me some kid’s leggings and turned it into an undergarment,” she told Jimmy Kimmel.

“I’m wearing boys’ underwear”, confessed the actress between laughs. And it is that her misfortune has not taken away her smile, but has become a great anecdote.

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