The incredible amount of hamburgers that Scarlett Johansson is able to eat

Scarlett Johansson surprised by revealing one of her favorite fast food chains, and that is, she also revealed that cheeseburgers are her delirium, like pizza, both foods are capable of making her lose her strict diet.

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the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, best known for her roles in Marvel, is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood thanks to her excellent staging and poise in front of the screens. Her name quickly became well known all over the Internet, and in addition to having great talent, she also has a lot of charisma.

Source: Europa Press
Source: Europa Press

This time, in an interview a few years ago published by the Zimbio portal, it was the same Scarlett Johansson who confessed to being a lover of junk food, and yes, for many this was a great surprise, especially coming from a woman with incredible curves like hers.

It is well known that for years Scarlett Johansson She has been working hard to look good for her roles, but it was she herself who confessed that despite her strict eating routines, on one occasion or another she does not hesitate to indulge her tastes.

He revealed that among his favorite junk foods are pizza and hamburgers from the famous food chain, Burger King, specifying the reason for the latter. So were his words:

“I love pizza with anything except pineapple or anchovies on top. I also like Burger King cheeseburgers because I like the grilled flavor and I like the toy that comes with it.”

The beautiful movie star has been photographed eating delicious fatty foods on different occasions, such as when she was captured by dailymail holding a glass of coke next to a hamburger, which indicates that despite indulging her cravings, she tries to do so in moderation.

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