The incredible change of star of Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo in The Blacklist

Gaten Matarazzo is the actor who plays the friendly Dustin Henderson in the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things, which is already preparing its fifth and final season, which will end the story of Hawkins and his terrible encounter with the Upside Down . But before his life-changing role, Gaten Matarazzo had a cameo appearance on The Blacklist.

stranger thingsis the science fiction series of Netflix starring Millie Bobby Brown as elevena girl with extraordinary psychic powers and who is the only hope to save Humanity from the malignancy of the Upside Worlda parallel world inhabited by darkness.

Since its launch in 2016, stranger things It has garnered one success after another and has become one of the first choices for lovers of science fiction and adventure. Written by the twins Matt and Ross Duffer, stranger things is set in the year 1984, when the boy Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) He gets lost in the woods on his way home one autumn night, leaving little or no clue to his whereabouts, and leading everyone close to him to believe the worst.

But what is discovered as the episodes go by is that Will’s disappearance has nothing to do with a common crime, but with a dark secret that is just below the fictional town called Hawkins, and that houses a portal to a dimension. where evil, darkness and sadness inhabit every corner. He Upside World It is called like this because it is an exact replica of the current world, only it is upside down, as if it were a mirror and the sun never rises there.

And it is precisely eleventhe character who launched international fame Millie Bobby Brownthe one who has the key and the power to close this gap between the worlds and to trap his former laboratory partner there once and for all, whom the children call Vecna ​​(Jamie Campsbell Bower)and that in reality he is a psychic with psychopathic tendencies almost as powerful as Eleven, and that he has the desire for revenge, the power and the patience, not only to have dominated that dark world, but to transfer all his evil to earth.

This is what Gaten Matarazzo looked like when he appeared on The Blacklist

One year before the premiere of stranger thingsthe actor gaten matarazzowho plays the nice Dustin Henderson in the series, he acted in the equally famous series The Blackliststarring the Hollywood star James Spaderin the role of the international criminal Raymond Redington.

In The Blacklist, gaten matarazzo was one of the guest stars in the episode “The Kenyon Family (No. 71)”. She was 13 years old at the time and can be seen looking rather shabby and with a dirty face.declaring in the basement of the post office building that served as a secret base for the special body of the FBI that he received information from Raymond Reddington in exchange for total immunity for all the crimes he has committed in his long criminal career.

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