The incredible cost of the makeup with which they pamper the young cast of Stranger Things

The protagonists of Stranger Things began acting in the Netflix science fiction series when they were less than 15 years old, so their makeup requirements were and still are special, unlike older actors, such as Winona Ryder and David Harbor. . That is why the makeup artists of the Netflix show have revealed some luxurious secrets of the products that the boys use.

stranger thingsthe series of Netflix science fiction set in the 80s and which launched its protagonist, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven/Jane Hopper)is already in the final stretch for the arrival of its fifth and final season, which will define the fate of Hawkins and its inhabitants.

Millie Bobby Brown is Eleven in Stanger Things, the leader of the group of young people who fight against Vecna ​​and his Upside Down.

Set in the year 1984, when the young Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) gets lost without a trace on his way home after a game night with his friends Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), stranger things presents a series that follows the trend of child protagonists and saviors of Humanity, as the main cast is made up of young people who, at the time of the premiere of stranger things in 2016, they did not reach 15 years of age.

With the passing of the seasons, the main cast grew, both in age and in members, and the group of friends was added Millie Bobby Brown in the first season, as Eleven, a 12-year-old girl who escapes from a secret government laboratory where she had lived since she was a child and where they were experimenting with her immense powers of telekinesis at a time when the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was skin deep.

Subsequently, the character of Max (Sadie Sink)a new girl in the neighborhood who catches the attention of Luke. She becomes the second girl in the group and becomes quite attached to Eleven. Her courage and personality against all odds make her one of the most valuable members of the group of friends to fight against the Upside Worldthe evil and dark parallel world inhabited by demonic creatures, which threatens to destroy not only Hawkinsbut to the whole earth.

The makeup secrets behind the scenes of Stranger Things

Makeup for Millie Bobby Brown and the Stranger Things guys is practically off-limits.

The Serie stranger things It has been quite a success in recent years due to the interesting theme of monsters, parallel worlds and mental powers that it addresses. But having a mostly quite young cast, the boys had (and have) different and special makeup requirements, which led artists in this category to provide some very expensive pampering to their young actors.

In an interview given some time ago to the media insidersthe make-up team stranger thingswho was nominated for the Emmy Awards, has detailed that since the series is a mystery, adventure and horror show and not glamor, makeup, especially in such a young cast, becomes practically unnecessary. Yet over the course of four seasons, makeup artists have pampered their teen actors with some products that, at least in the case of Millie Bobby BrownThey make her feel a little better.

“Just pampering them a little bit more — doing a lot of skin prep and making them feel delicious,” lead makeup artist Amy L. Forsythe told Insider. “I think most use lip balm Lickeven if they’re not allowed to wear makeup,” added Devin Morales, a makeup artist who joined during the fourth season.

Lick is one of the luxury cosmetic brands known for its moisturizing products that can cost up to $2,545 per bottle. The lip balm referenced by makeup artists, which they claim hydrates with “a hint of mint,” is also very expensive, with each stick costing as much as $75.

“Oh my gosh, I apologize profusely for getting kids addicted to lip balm. LickForsythe joked. “All I could think about after season two was all these kids going out into the world at their other jobs and saying, ‘Yeah, I wear La Mer lip balm.'”

Regarding the specific work with Millie Bobby Brown, the artists confessed that they sometimes use a wand of dry mascara on their lashes to create the illusion of applying makeup. “She just likes the feeling of putting on mascara, you know what I mean?”

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