The incredible prohibition that Jacobo Winograd imposed on his daughter in her relationship with her boyfriend

Nazarene Winograd sat next to his dad James Winograd in the studio of LAM (America) to provide an in-depth interview about their relationship.

“There are not many words to describe it. I will never hide that I am your daughterbut somehow it’s difficult, because people confuse the character with his person”, clarified the young woman, who have 26 years old, is an interior decorator and choose a low profile life.

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Nazarena Winograd is an interior decorator.  (Photo: Instagram @nazawinograd)
Nazarena Winograd is an interior decorator. (Photo: Instagram @nazawinograd)

How is the relationship between Jacobo Winograd and his daughter Nazarena

When the driver Ángel De Brito consulted Nazarene Winograd because of the intensity of his fatherthe young woman was surprised to reveal that he was able to “get it on track” when he went to live with him: “It has character like on TV, perhaps not because of the same things. He is like that, he sparks all day”. He assured that at first they collided a lot, but that over time they adapted to each other. “He lives at night and I live during the day,” he assured.

Now she went to live alone and it is a situation that James it worries him. “I am very sad”, she was honest with herself. He said that he misses her pets that accompanied him when he watched a series or movie at her home. “I’m not going to be a castrator, but it hurts me”, he said with his heart in his hand.

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Jacobo Winograd and his daughter Nazarena.  (Photo: Instagram @jacobowinogradoficial)
Jacobo Winograd and his daughter Nazarena. (Photo: Instagram @jacobowinogradoficial)

All the little angels wanted to know more about the moment in which her current boyfriend, Facundo, introduced her to her father. “At first it was difficult, I say that I got the Jacobite from insidebecause he is very negative in a lot of aspects and Regarding my courtship, I was in denial. She saw him at home and didn’t say anything”, revealed between laughs.

Until one day, James he asked head on if that boy was her boyfriend. She confirmed it and told him her next move: “Tomorrow she sleeps at home.”

“What is hard for me, and I admit it, i know i’m wrong but I can’t get over it I never allowed him, nor did he ever allow him to kiss her in front of me.”, he confessed. The little angels immediately told him that this was prehistoric and made no sense.

“I was such a womanizer, so lazy, so unfaithful, that I thought that God sent me a daughter to pay for what I did”assured. Nazarenecured of fright, watched the entire exchange in silence and with a shy smile on her face.

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