The incredible statistics of a teammate of LeBron James in Lakers that nobody can believe


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won against the Cleveland Cavaliers and one of his teammates achieved an unusual statistical line.

DJ Augustin and LeBron James.
© Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesDJ Augustin and LeBron James.

Despite the fact that the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) it was nothing like what Los Angeles Lakers imagined, there is still hope of reaching the Playoffs, and Lebron James he does not give up or lower his head, he still fights.

Of the last three games they won two, and the collective level begins to flourish. In that, there are two players who were adding minutes and today they have been key to resisting a stage where no player performed as the team would like.

They are DJ Augustin and Wenyen Gabriel, a point guard to help organize the attack and a center to improve a defense that without Anthony Davis did not command any kind of respect. Finally, the one who broke it in the last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers was Augustin.

In the victory 131 to 120 the figure was without a doubt LeBron. A triple-double of 38 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists for The king which was decisive. However, they would not have won the match if it hadn’t been for the incredible contribution of the little player of 1.80 CM.

Unusual numbers by DJ Augustin

He certainly broke it against the Cavs, but he didn’t do that much either. How? Thus: Augustin had 20 points, 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 steals and 0 blockswith 100% in triples and 100% in field goals. He went in, wrote down everything he threw, and did nothing else.

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