The Incredible Story Of The Undercover Agent Who Risked His Life To Capture 32 Jibro

recording of a video camera hidden in the lapel of the jacket of The undercover agent was one of the key pieces of evidence used to eliminate two dangerous micro-trafficking organizations that they had surrounded the residents of a sector in the south of the city.

He tells that one day he walked down an open street in the upper part of the Juan Rey neighborhood San CristobalMarch 17 morning. A mountain with incursions, wooden houses, debris on the road, ‘bell ringers’ on every corner. was the scenario the traceable file with CTI of the Bogotá Prosecutor’s Office.

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A video shows the man’s agitated breathing as he descends the rocks in the road in search of a woman, alias Salomé, who controls the drug trade in the area. On the way, he meets a consumer and asks him: “Are you distributing candles downstairs?” In the lower part of the neighborhood were the ‘candelando’ (selling drugs).

The man doesn’t answer him, he pretends not to hear, and as he continues up the mountain he yells at him: “I don’t know, Dad.” It is his turn to ask and he continues on his way. Below, three people are seen in front of a wall between the houses buried in the debris of the mountain. There ‘Salome’ was distributing ‘points’, as plastic bags containing at least 100 units of bazookas are called. “Where’s Sumerse from?” Salome tells the agent, looking in the mirror and wiping the stain off her face with saliva.

Beside him, two other men, around 25 years old, were wearing caps, hooded jackets and face masks. They surround the man. “I’m from here, right above Juan Rey,” he replies. The woman says to her two companions: “Have you taken care of this gentleman?”, while continuing to look in the mirror. She knew that the undercover agent was not Juan Rey’s and was not her client.

Another man emerges from behind the house, a young man who shouts: “No, fellow, I’ve never caught him in all my life, Nero.” The questions start getting more stressful. The woman stands still in front of the wall while other men surround the agent. “Who took care of you, Nero? Now tell me,” as they approached. “A little girl who was there,” he replies. Questions follow. “Which little girl? When did you get the idea?” The secret man’s breathing quickens. The question comes back, the criminals are getting closer to the agent. “Who took care of it?” “A little girl, about four or five days ago.” “What a lie, partner,” says the man from behind the house.

Undercover cameras discover that this man, most insistent in his questions, has a gun inside his jacket. The area is empty, there are no people, only bushes, agent and four criminals who are about to locate the trap.

silence of at least one minute is observed, Nobody says anything, now there is no question. Suddenly the video camera falls from the agent’s lapel, but it is still on. The four men pounce on the agent, who manages to outwit them and escape. He runs and the agent’s breathing is heard. “Gonorrhea, gonorrhea, they caught me,” he whispers as he chokes and chokes. Behind ‘Salome’ herself follows him to kill him. While descending the mountain, more people appear on every corner, more like street people. They try to cross the agent’s way to present it on a silver platter to ‘Salome’.

Busy, the police officer reaches number 71A South Street, the main highway of the sector. Nobody helps him. He shouts “Tombs are coming, Tombs are coming”, trying to scare the people who were following him. A patrol appears at the end of the road where the harassment was taking place.

,My agent, I am undercover and caught, please help me. They’re going to kill me.” At that very moment ‘Salome’ appears, but the story suddenly changes. “Mr Agent, he robbed me, that Pirobo robbed me (…), I work very hard to get my things and he robbed me,” cried ‘Salome’. He turns and looks into the eyes of the person incognito and tells him: “I do not ignore this out of respect for him.” The patrolmen put the agent in the back of the patrol car and drive him out.

The man asks to be taken with his colleagues to the upper part of San Cristóbal, where another phase of the drone operation is taking place, as he needs to talk to his operational contact while waiting for orders for the new mission.

best friend

The mission could not be stopped and they had to find a way to delve into the depths of the micro-smuggling business flooding San Cristóbal. The only entrants were not Salome and her “taquilleros”. The control agent, who had been directing Undercover to take action, ordered him to switch sides and begin working on intelligence for another organization. A structure led by Esperanza, the neighborhood’s second layer in the drug business.

The agent could no longer go to the upper part of Juan Rey, he had to walk around the most commercial and crowded area, and it was here that he noticed the presence of a friend who would be important in the whole investigation. Childhood friends, one became a police officer and the other never came out of the dark world of drug use. This, though painful, will make the job of the researcher easier.

“I can’t go back because they’ve recognized me and now they want to screw me,” the undercover man told his friend, pretending that he was actually looking for the day’s ‘trabas’ (drugs). Was. He replied, “It’s very hot there because the police have caught several ticket salesmen for ‘Salome’.” At the same moment, he warned the undercover man that he had to be careful because the order in the area was to “fuck everyone who was not a recognized consumer.”

Without knowing what was really happening, the friend suggested to Undercover that he could introduce him to “Salome” and the other members of the combo so that they could sell him drugs without any problems. “I can’t come there because they bother me, they want to kill me.” “Don’t worry, I know very well and if we go together, you will offer it and they will sell it to you immediately without any problems”, Gave Assurance.

Despite the risk of returning to the place of the first unsuccessful operation, the undercover returned to the company of his friend. It was like a repeat of the scene, the same open mountainside, the wrecked house, and the same four men who had chased him to kill him weeks earlier.

“He survived by a miracle, I’m just telling you,” aka Costa yelled at him. “I knew I’d seen this little dog before”, obeyed. The undercover agent’s friend intervened and explained that they had known each other since they were young, that they used to drink together and that he was trustworthy. This pacified the matter. “Knowing, you can walk up to that piece whenever you want and we sell it here,” aka Kevin told the incognito. Unknowingly, the agent had made his childhood friend a scapegoat.

What happened a few days after that meeting marked the end of the operation. The agent has already managed to identify and test all its targets: ‘Salome’, ‘Esperanza’, ‘Costa’, ‘Deber’, ‘Michael’, ‘Paola’, ‘Moneda’, ‘Pola Roca’ , ‘mustache’, ‘specs’, ‘frank’ and ‘auto’. Seven months later all of them were captured.

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