the incredible truth about the couple who have been married for 7 years


Celebrity couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown? But when ever! They are in love, here is the whole truth about their love relationship.

The couple does not break out! Love is not beautiful if it is not quarrelsome, but it is certain that the possibility of a separation takes a back seat. The gesture full of affection silences the haters once and for all!

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Loving couple says enough to gossips! The most loved couples have always been a source of chatter and sensational scoops, in fact the VIPs are aware that they are often in the crosshairs of the paparazzi and haters. This time though the gesture of love beats everyone!

Marriage is a beautiful and complex life project at the same time. There are those who leave, resume, and who like the case of another splendid couple who thrills like the first day even two years after that fateful yes! In short, these are relationships that excite fans who have always supported their favorites.

The couple in question, however, launches a totally unexpected attack against the haters, revealing the beginning of a new adventure and a life project to be faced together.

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Married couple for 7 years, they still choose: no crisis!

Choosing yourself the first time is magical, doing it again after some time is love! There have been couples who, despite having passed the 7 year mark, eventually said goodbye. It is the case of a couple that lasted 12 years and that still after a long time from the separation is pulling rags on him! However, this is not the case with today’s protagonists: Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri! Other than divorce, here is the gesture of the husband:

Elizabeth and Brian

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Elisabetta and Brian have been a couple officially since 2014. Following the breakup with Hollywood actor George Clooney, Canalis knows the handsome doctor of the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Hospital of Los Angeles. On the occasion of Elisabetta’s 43rd birthday, he shares this sweet shot in which they toast!

It was thought that the former tissue of Strip got tired of life in the US, but in reality it is not. She shares again the post published by her husband, and colleagues and friends such as the surgeon Giacomo Urtis, the actress Maria Pia Calzone, and again names of the caliber of Costanza Caracciolo, Federica Fontana, Paola Barale, wish her their best wishes!

She lives the love of her family, with them there is also the little one Skyler Eva born in 2015, moreover the I plan to return to Italy once her husband finishes his tenure in Los Angeles. In short, happier than that!


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