The international vaccine did not recover the pre-pandemic level

The international trips made by the population of the Vigo health area increased significantly compared to last year, but they still did not reach the levels that existed before the coronavirus pandemic. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from the international vaccination data managed by the Preventive Medicine service of the Vigo health area, although it is not the only center that deals with these matters (also does Foreign Health) and immunization is not required in all countries. The most common destinations, such as France, Italy or Portugal, do not need any prevention.

Preventive Medicine has vaccinated 739 international travelers so far this year, with the figures up to August 31. In addition, they administered 1,154 vaccines and 88 preventions against malaria (malaria) were carried out.

The most frequent vaccines that were injected were those that prevent against hepatitis A, typhoid fever and yellow fever.

The countries most visited by the population of the Vigo area were those of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, followed by countries in Africa, mainly Egypt, followed at a greater distance by Kenya and Tanzania.

International travel takes place throughout the year, but the highest volume is recorded in the months of July and August.

30% of these trips are made for work reasons and in fact they were the trips that were made predominantly at certain times of the pandemic. The remaining 70% are vacation trips and also from people who carry out international cooperation tasks in other countries.

In addition to the vaccine, the Preventive Medicine consultation offers other advice to people who travel. They recommend precautions related to food and beverages. In addition, they are suggested to bring an insect repellent because there are diseases that are not prevented with pills or vaccines and that are transmitted by mosquito bites, according to preventivist Susana Alonso.

Vigo was able to vaccinate against fever yellow to travelers

The worldwide shortage of vaccines against yellow fever has not yet affected the Vigo area. Preventive Medicine was able to vaccinate travelers who needed it.

As for malaria, the doctor explains that few treatments are given because it is about fine-tuning the risk areas of each trip and thus side effects are also avoided. She explains that if a traveler goes to the tourist areas of Thailand, she will not find malaria risk and does not need prevention. “We get reports from the Atlanta disease control centers and the Ministry of Health to adjust the prescriptions to the risk areas of the trip.”

Susana Alonso asks citizens to request an appointment two months before the trip because there are vaccines that have to be given this in advance and remember that certain vaccines have a fee that they must pay for being foreign medication. Patients are treated in Cunqueiro and Meixoeiro.

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