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Before the media trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, several Internet users have paid more attention to the details of the relationship between the two stars, thus noticing several signs of violence that were overlooked.

For example, during a press conference in which Dakota Johnson noticed Depp’s finger injury, and after quickly asking what had happened, Depp only joked about it.

Dakota Johnson noticed Johnny Depp’s finger injury: video

One of the most shocking moments in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case dates back to when the histrion showed the photographs of the injury he suffered to one of his right hand fingers.

Regarding the cause, there are two versions: while Depp maintains that Amber provoked it by throwing a bottle of vodka at him, his ex-wife commented that it was actually he himself who was injured after using drugs.

The protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was in full promotion of his movie ‘Black Mass’ along with other castmates such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Jesse Plemons and Dakota Johnson.

Precisely Dakota Johnson used to appear with Johnny Depp at press events because in fiction they played a couple, whether they posed together on red carpets or sat next to each other at conferences.

That is why in a video clip of a press conference it has been shown how the actress noticed the wound on her partner’s finger at first sight and immediately asked about her. In response, Depp just looked at her and after making a brief comment with which they both laugh at her.

While their conversation cannot be heard, due to the distance from which the video was recorded, many netizens have pointed out how the actor quickly took a serious and tense stance after joking around with Johnson. Action she noticed and immediately changed her facial expressions.

Johnny Depp didn’t just lie to Dakota Johnson about his finger, he also lied to a child

In 2015 Johnny Depp visited a children’s hospital, taking advantage of his stay in Australia, and dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow (his character in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie saga from 2003 to 2017), in order to interact with diagnosed children. Of cancer.

In this coexistence, one of the little ones noticed the wound on the finger of the Hollywood star, so he took advantage of his interview to ask him what had happened to him.

Depp looked at his finger and answered ironically without breaking his interpretation of the famous pirate:

“My finger? I got hurt a lot. I ate it, I just bit into it a little bit. I was starving. I was really starving so I bit my finger and ate it. Just a little bit, the tip”, said Johnny Depp as a joke

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