The iPhone 12, on sale at a historically low price

In a year like 2022 marked by inflation, Apple joined the bandwagon of rising prices, and how did it do it! The cheapest iPhone 14s are already at 1,000 euros, overcoming a very important psychological barrier that could dissuade many future buyers.

This has made many look back, looking for models from previous years, which in view of the demand have also become more expensive or have been sold out. The good news is that it is possible to get a cheap iPhone, or at least a little cheaper than normal. It is the iPhone 12, which in its 128GB version is reduced by Carrefour to only 679 euros.

It’s competitively priced, especially since it’s not the 64GB version, which by all accounts already offers an insufficient amount of storage for iOS needs.

iPhone 12 128GB for €679

The version that Carrefour has reduced in its Stock Out campaign is the green one, one of the most aesthetically attractive. The units are limited, so if you are convinced by the conditions, you better hurry to add it to the cart.

Another good news is that shipping is free, with an estimated delivery date of January 5, something positive if you are thinking of it as a Christmas gift. It is not the cheapest, but it is a sure hit.

You have to keep in mind that today the official price of the 128GB iPhone 13 is 909 euros, so you would also have a very competitive mobile spending 230 euros less, which you can, for example, invest in Apple Care insurance, which can now be include protection for theft and loss.

Despite the fact that two years have passed since its launch, the iPhone 12 is still a very Good mobile, with Full HD+ screen and OLED panel, WiFi 6 or 5Gamong other things, so the leap in quality compared to the two new editions is not too wide.

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