The iPhone and other Apple products we expected but won’t see in 2023

2023 is a year with many novelties and Apple is not going to be less, however, there are several new devices that we don’t expect them to show up this yearincluding a new iPhone.

If you want to know what is the iPhone that probably won’t launch in 2023 and the other at least 5 Apple products that will not see the light of day in 2023, keep reading because we tell you what they could be.

There are many products that have been talked about and you may have expectations to finally meet them, but in this year full of new releases there will be several that you will not get to see yet. Others will be launched and surely with a very good reception.

iPhone SE fourth generation

We have received a lot of information about what the fourth generation iPhone SE will be like and you probably already want to know more about them. However, considering that the model of tThe third generation was released at the beginning of last year.Most likely, the new iPhone SE of which we have high expectations will not arrive this year.

There are even rumors that these new iPhone SE have been completely canceled and they will not reach the market.

iPhone SE 4 render

The current iPhone SE has the new high-end processor performance A15 Bionic, so if the great improvements of the new generation are expected, we will probably have to wait a little longer. the new model could arrive in 2024something that is not unreasonable considering that between one and the other can pass between 2 and 3 years, according to some rumors, and it would even be launched with USB-C.

If it is finally presented, it is expected that it will completely change its design and considerably improve its features to be more popular in the market, with a much larger 6.1-inch screen with a single camera on the back with the flash and a selfie camera with a large notch. One of its great novelties is that it would not have a physical fingerprint sensor, or that it would have a side one.

Also keep in mind that many analyst rumors say that the company could have canceled the launch of the new model of the brand because they are not in demand as much as they should be, production costs and other reasons. We will continue to report on this topic.

Other products that Apple will not release

These are the devices or products that we don’t think Apple will introduce this year, although most of them will surely arrive at some point in the next year or in the next few years:

  • Third generation AirPod Pro. New devices of this type are not expected to be launched this year, since a new second-generation model arrived very recently. The new second-generation AirPods Pro headphones were introduced in September with big improvements in active noise cancellation, battery life, sweat and water resistance, adaptive transparency mode, performance, and more. Its great improvements and that this was released almost 3 years after the previous model suggest that there will be no new release this year.
  • 7th generation iPad Pro. These are the most rumored upcoming iPads, though we don’t think they’ll launch this year because the current ones arrived in October with a new processor, better connectivity options, Hover mode on Apple Pencil, and lots of improvements. The new iPad Pros are expected to arrive with the M3 processor chip, which will be launched in the second half of 2023, so it is unlikely that they will be presented this year. They would also come with OLED screens, more durable and that will allow thinner devices, and everything indicates that this will not be this year. Surely yes in the next one.
  • Fourth-generation Apple TV 4K. Considering that the current third-generation TV model received significant improvements last year, it’s unlikely that there will be a new update this year. The current model has a new design, A15 Bionic chip, double storage, support for HDR10 + content and a USB-C port on the Siri Remote.
  • 13-inch MacBook Air. Although this model could be released this year with the M3 chip, it might not be the case as they plan to release a 15.2-inch MacBook Air with the M2 and M2 Pro chips in the middle of the year.
  • Apple’s new electric car. Apple has been rumored to have been working on its own electric vehicle for many years and is well advanced, although it doesn’t look like it’s going to launch this year. It has been rumored that plans have changed a lot with this new Apple car, including that it would be launched in 2025 or 2026.

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