The jeans that the fashion experts have chosen this summer reveal the trends of the fall

The straight jeans, the uniform of the models

Two Models in Jeans Per Pair

Two models in jeans by Paris.IMaxtree

The models are the most convinced fashion experts that, when it comes to jeans, the trends don’t matter. The most flattering model, the one that always works and the best possible joker is always straight jeans. During Haute Couture, most have opted for them.

How to wear them? With a masculine style shirt and Converse. The infallible basics uniform.

Emma Watson skinny jeans

Emma Watson rescued

Emma Watson rescued the cigarettes from her closet.imaxtree

The actress became the center of attention with this look at the parades in Paris. Emma Watson rescued some gray skinny jeans from her closet and made headlines in all the digital fashion media. But hadn’t they died? Well, it seems not and that they have enough life ahead of them.

that’s how it goes: With a garment with volumes on top to play on contrasts.

Wide jeans are trending

Wide jeans too

Wide jeans are also an option.IMaxtree

We know that the 70’s have been (and are) one of the favorite inspirations of the season. Hence, wide jeans are one of the summer jeans. They are also carried with all kinds of details to personalize them to the maximum. It is necessary to give them all the prominence of the look.

how they get along: Better with a top garment that is tighter and as neutral as possible.

boyfriend jeans

A model in boyfriend jeans.

A model in boyfriend jeans.IMaxtree

Oversize is one of the trends that has been with us for several seasons and that, moreover, refuses to abandon us. Jeans are inspired by this current to decline in the boyfriend style, that feeling that they are stolen from your partner’s closet (because, in reality, they are one or two sizes larger).

How are they getting along? Betting on the masculine style, with a simple cotton shirt and a blazer.

low waist jeans

Low-waisted jeans are worn.

Low-waisted jeans are worn.imaxtree

Just as the 70s determined the wide jeans, the rise of the 2000s makes these jeans back in the spotlight. Feared by some, adored by others, low-waisted jeans are one of the most popular styles of the season. Only suitable for those who yearn for that (terrible) time.

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