The Kardashian Curse: What relationship would the current lawsuit against Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have?

there is a strong belief that burdens everyone who is related to Kim, kourtney, kylie, khloe and Kendallthe curse is that ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, boyfriends and even soccer teams lIt is going quite badly in different areas.

Let’s start by listing some evidence that supports this supposed curse.

Scott Disick

Ex husband of kourtney kardashian and father of her children, Scott held a relationship of more than 10 years with Kourtney and it is he who, in one of the episodes of the Kardashian reality show, says that a curse fell on him for the thousands of obstacles that appeared in his life during and after this relationship.

Disick had to face the loss of their parents, addictions, bad business streaks and even according to him a isolation by of his family.

lamar odom

He former basketball player He decided get marry with Khloe Kardashian while playing los angeles lakersa team that was going through its golden years and one of its best seasonsDespite all this, the Lakers stayed in the semifinals that season and They didn’t get the title.

Time after Lamar had a car accident where a 15-year-old boy died. The drug problems they caused the collapse of his career, the deterioration of his health and the end of his marriage.

kris humphries

Kris, it was the Kim Kardashian’s second marriagewas married only 72 days with the influencer, enough time for his career will start to decline even being one of the favorite players in the NBA.

travis scott

Travis held up a relationship with Kylie Jenner until the beginning of this 2023, during the relationship the artist premiered “ASTROWORLD”one of his most influential albums in his career and together with this album announced a tour that would end on November 5, 2021where more than 50 thousand people met, this amount of people brought lots of problems to the organization when during the artist’s presentation all this crowd of people pushed each other causing hundreds of people injured and ten people deadincluding a minor.

Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal

They were facing the Arsenal and the Sporting of Portugal in the eighth end of the Europe League where everyone saw the English team as a wide favorite, the match was attended kim kardashianIt looked like it was a win for Arsenal as they went ahead on the scoreboard, but the penalties were the end for the “gunners“, being there eliminated from the competition in the presence of the Kardashian.

something similar happened in it Princes Parkhe psg was facing the Rennesthe Parisian team came from a defeat and elimination from the Champions League, again the team where Leo Messi plays was favorite to win without any problem, but the afternoon of that Sunday Kim was present, who witnessed the Rennes victory with marker 0-2.

Devin Booker

Another basketball player, between 2020 and 2022 he had a relationship with Kendall Jenner, years in which he was experiencing the best moment in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns, but like Lamar Odom his team was left out not only of one, of two play-offs and injuries invaded him

At this point is where Enter Benito and Kendall.the Puerto Rican has recently been related with the lesser of the Kardashianswith whom it is said want or maintain a relationship since during the last month they have been photographed together in restaurants or sharing a car.

These rumors seem to be confirmed by Bad Bunny in his recent collaboration with Eladio Carrion “Coco Chanel”where he makes eyes at his interest in Kendall and throws a “shoot” at Devin Booker, Jenner’s ex-partner.

During this month that these rumors of the relationship of Kendall and Benito have already come into the life of the Puerto Rican “The Curse of the Kardashians””, since as we told you at the beginning of this note recently was sued for $40 million dollars by his ex-girlfriend Carliz de la Cruz Hernández.

Could this be the beginning of the Kardashian curse on Bad Bunny?

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