The Kardashians: episode 1, Scott still in love with Kourtney, Kim fights against a sex tape, the highlights

By Betty Ramez

– Posted on 14 Apr 2022 at 17:18

After several months of waiting, the Kardashian / Jenner clan is finally back and the least we can say is that the twists and turns are there. Here are the highlights of the first episode!

They are back ! Yes the meltynauts, after the sudden cessation of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the most popular clan Calabasas we have all the news adventures to discover every Thursday on Disney+ And the least we can say is that this first episode held all its promises. First, impossible to miss the realization ! Much more modern and licked than before, it immediately announces the color: it’s version 2.0 which we are going to discover now. And after this well-deserved break, the sisters seem to feel freer and confide uncompromisingly in front of the camera.

First, know that this first episode takes place in October 2021. And at that time, Kim and Kanye are just beginning their process of divorce and everything is going very well between them. The pretty brunette even explains facing the camera that they are very good friends and they try to be the best parents possible for their children. When we know how the situation will deteriorate thereafter, we cannot help but pout. Especially since from the first minutes, Kim Kardashian finds herself facing a problem whom she knows well. Thereby, Ray-J’s managerher ex-husband, threatens to reveal a sex tape new to the couple. And to make matters worse, it’s Holy which falls on it. Upsetthe mother is terrified that her nightmare will happen again: “The last thing I want as a mother is my past reappears after 20 years. It’s really embarrassing ! »

Kourtney and Travis Barker’s relationship bothers Scott Disick

Fortunately, she can count on the support of his family but also of Kanye West who does not hesitate to reboost and to remind him of the road traveled since. Not only, there is no sex tape but in addition, it has all the necessary resources to put them down. On his side, Kourtney live it great love with Travis Barker. fools loverthe couple seems unable to move away and stop touching. For the first time, the ex of Scott Disick explains how they got closer: We were friends for 8 years and we lived in the same street. We were going to play sports together. » Kim and Khloé had been telling her to go out with him for years! But it was during confinement that they kicked into high gear. And from their first date, Kourtney kissed him. If the young woman is very happy, their idyll has trouble passing on to Scott.

A little sidelinedhe finds it hard to bear that the climate has become so cold with her ex. Yes Khloe understand it, Kourtney refuses to blame. This allows him to return to a major event of the summer of 2021. While on vacation with Travis, Scottmad with jealousy, had sent a private message to Younes Bendjima. This one had not hesitated to display it in story! Scott tries to apologize to the mother of his children but she doesn’t want to hear anything. She says she found her attitude despicable” and that she no longer intends to pass the towel on this kind of behavior. She confesses to her sisters: “I shouldn’t apologize because I kiss the love of my life. »

A fast-paced first episode

Moreover, Khloe is only friends with Tristan Thompson. After his many infidelitiesshe refuses to go too fast by getting back together with him despite his insistence. We know it, the basketball player will still do his thing and the mother of True soon risk of become disillusioned. In short, this first episode brilliantly seals the return of the clan both on TV but also in the heart of the fans. Very pace, it looks back on all the highlights of the lives of sisters. We discover another facet of Kourtney while we feel immense pain for Kim forced to fight again the publication of a “sex tape. ” That positive points for The Kardashians who, we are sure, have in store for us nice surprises for the following.

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