The Kardashians: Season 2 finally has a release date on Disney+!

We finally know when the second season of The Kardashians will be available on Disney +! We tell you everything.

She will be back soon. America’s most famous family returns for a second season of The Kardashians on Disney+! MCE TV tells you more.

The Kardashians season 2 is coming soon

After ending Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Kardashians weren’t going to sit idly by. No sooner had the first program finished than America’s most famous family was already back for new adventures.

The first season of the show The Kardashians was therefore a success! Without too many surprises. It must be said that the Kardashian sisters had a lot to tell us.

Between Kim Kardashian’s divorce, Kourtney Kardashian’s marriage and the birth of Kylie Jenner’s son, we missed episodes! Without forgetting Kendall Jenner who is at the head of a tequila company and their mother, Kris Jenner who has rebuilt her life on the arm of Corey Gamble. So fans were able to catch up and update.

To open its doors to the cameras of Hulu and Disney +, the Kardashian clan – Jenner has all the same hit at least $100 million. Or 92 million euros.

A nice sum that the ladies owe to their mother, Kris Jenner. This last “fights like a pit bull” during negotiations. In any case, she seems to have done a good job since The Kardashians is back for a season 2! And we already have the broadcast date for this new season.

See you in the fall

The Kardashian – Jenner clan will therefore be back for a second season of The Kardashians. This new season promises to be very emotional.

A trailer of the next season has also been unveiled. The footage ranges from a girls’ night out to scenes of public affection from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Without too many surprises.

The latter are often the target of criticism for their very affectionate behavior towards each other and which could make some people uncomfortable. The founder of Poosh has also entrusted that she was not at all affected by the criticisms directed at her.

“It’s such a beautiful thing” she said. Continuing that she was happy to “live as if no one was watching. “And it must be said that the pretty brunette applies that to the letter!

In the unveiled images of the next season of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and Khloe seem to be enjoying their lives to the fullest. “We just need an evening between moms” Kim proposes to her sister. And the latter seems to totally agree!

But all is not all rosy in the next season of The Kardashians. Indeed, the tribe still has to face the legal battle between him and Rob Kardashian’s ex, Blac Chyna.

As a reminder, the latter accuses the family of her ex of having ruined her future and that of her children. This spring, we already know that the Kardashian family won a major battle in the trial.

See you on September 22 next on Disney + to follow the new adventures of the Kardashians!

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