The Kenyans who make a living running in Toluca, the highest city in Mexico

  • Marcos Gonzalez Diaz
  • BBC News World. Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico

Kenyan runners in Toluca

image source, Mark Gonzalez / BBC


Citizens of Kenya have lived in Toluca, Mexico, for years. Most are engaged in professional athletics.

From early on, you can see dozens of people training on the athletics track of one of the Metepec sports units, in Mexico.

Among all of them stands out a group of athletes who run sprints at full speed, leaving the rest of the fans behind while they communicate with each other mainly in Swahili.

Kenyan groups like this are easy to find in neighboring Toluca de Lerdo, west of Mexico City. This place has become his home in recent years, almost 15,000 km from his native country in East Africa.

Despite the enormous distance, Kenyans say that Toluca is not so different to them.

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