The key reason why artificial intelligence saves lives

The scientific and technological advances experienced worldwide in recent years not only demonstrated that it is possible -thanks to them- to advance in the performance of advanced treatments in medicine for the prevention, detection and treatment of multiple diseases, but have also allowed us to extend life expectancy and achieve an affective response to health emergencies. The covid pandemic that continues to keep the world on edge and has broken into the lives of millions of people since the end of 2019 is just one example of this response capacity.

In this sense, the role of medical teams and the technology when creating new tools and recovering people in critical condition. “When the covid pandemic began, we all realized something: what was most needed in the country were artificial respirators. We health system providers spend whole days getting the latest generation, efficient, effective equipment for all the provinces. Many of us worked so that doctors could save hundreds of people who needed respiratory assistance,” says Tomás Piqueras, CEO of the Hospital Services Center, a company that was in charge of providing many of the respirators, beds, and monitors for intensive care unit in the country in recent years.

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