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According to data from the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS), one in four people (25%) died in 2019 from diseases related to the circulatory system, the most common cause of death. These conditions include, for example, ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and hypertensive disease.

Within the framework of the “Month of the Heart”, Achs Salud calls on the community to adopt healthy habits to prevent these pathologies. “Given the purpose of a well-functioning heart, it is essential to focus on the prevention and control of risk factors that we can modify with simple care,” explains Dr. Mario Muñoz, cardiologist at the Hospital del Trabjador achs Salud. Are.”

“First, you have to eat healthy; Get moderate exercise on a regular basis; In addition to controlling cholesterol and weight, limit your intake of salt, tobacco, and alcohol. This also includes controlling blood pressure,” says Munoz. The doctor also points out that it is relevant to note that heart diseases are initially asymptomatic, so it is important to be attentive to possible changes that may arise and in the face of this, there must be only one way: consult specialists immediately. He cautions, “Early consultation improves the chances of specific treatment and better prognosis.”

What are the main risk factors?

Dr. Muñoz explains that “many of the main causes of heart disease can be treated with good habits such as consistent aerobic physical activity (endurance work: moderate intensity and long duration) and a balanced diet.” Among the main factors of these pathologies, the cardiologists of the Hospital del Trabjador achs Salud list the following:

● High blood pressure: It is a chronic disease that affects 20% of the population. 70% of those affected do not show any symptoms, so getting tested is very important.
● Diabetes Mellitus: This disease has increased due to sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits.
● Obesity.
● Circulation of cholesterol and triglycerides.
● Stress.
● Smoking.
● Use of stimulants and drugs.

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