the keys to the style of Rafa Nadal’s woman to ALWAYS look impeccable

Since he rose to fame, Mery Perelló has always chosen to stay in the background despite being the wife of Rafa Nadal, one of the most successful Spanish athletes of all time. The young woman is a great unknown to the tennis player’s followers, but in each and every one of the public appearances that she has starred in, she has recorded her impeccable style and has confirmed that simple and comfortable garments can become your best allies. . The ‘sporty’ looks are his must every time she goes to see her husband play a game. Printed blouses, jeans wide leg and the neutral color range are some of the premises that she follows when dressing. Of course, we cannot forget her characteristic sunglasses that have become her star accessory, her most faithful ally. But what does she do? When did she meet Rafa? We unravel the most hidden side of Mery.

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mery perello

Origins and profession

Mery Perelló, better known as Xisca, is the daughter of the builder Bernat Perelló and the Manacor City Council official María Pascual. She has focused her professional career on the world of Business Administration and Management and studied this career at the University of the Balearic Islands. Her first step was doing an internship in the Endesa Communication department in Palma de Mallorca. She later moved to London and gave her best at Mapfre and at the sports company IMG. Today, she holds the position of general director of the Rafael Nadal Foundation. An institution to which he has devoted himself body and soul to “help children and adolescents through the transforming power of sport and education”, he has publicly confessed.

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Rafael Nadal and Mery Perello

His love story with Rafa Nadal

Despite being the partner of one of the most famous athletes in the world, Mery Perelló has always remained in a discreet background. The young woman has never wanted to be claimed by the press and she has always shown her support and commitment to Rafa Nadal by supporting him from the stands in each match. They have been together since 2005 and both have been very suspicious of their privacy. Despite being one of the most established couples in the world of sports, they have never been involved in scandals and Mery is one more in the tennis player’s family.

They became husband and wife in 2019 in a magical ceremony in which Don Juan Carlos and Infanta Sofía were present.

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rafa nadal mery perello

They are going to be parents!

Just a few weeks ago, Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló announced the best news: they will be parents of their first child together. As Hola anticipated, the young woman has already boasted of her incipient tummy during her vacation in Mallorca. The lovebirds are in the sweetest moment of their relationship. After almost 20 years, they have finally taken the step of creating his own family just when the tennis player has just won his fourteenth Roland Garros title, a new victory for which he touched the sky of Paris.

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mery perello

Impeccable with its casual style

Casual style is Mery’s favourite. Her discretion has also led to her way of dressing and jeans occupy a large part of your wardrobe: blue, black, white… And he combines them with t-shirts, jackets, men’s shirts and even vests. This garment has become the latest trend in fashion and the way to combine it is very easy. In addition, that sophisticated and elegant touch that you get in each look makes it an outstanding option.

Mery Perelló always opts for neutral colors, simple prints, puffed sleeves… Of course, when she has to step on a red carpet she transforms radically.

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rafa nadal mery perello

Cut out details in their gala dresses

The cut out trend is only suitable for the most daring. Garments that are missing a piece of fabric have become the latest claim season after season. Mery has dared with this sexy style that favors a lot. Although she prefers to go unnoticed and in her dressing room the basic garments have a great relevance, the reality is that with this risky detail she has become the center of attention on the red carpets. A sublime choice with which she has made a difference on more than one occasion.

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mery perello

The ‘wide leg’ pants, your best option for day to day

Although tweed suits, knitted sweaters and Victorian-style blouses are the most popular garments for any occasion, for Mery the nautical look is her infallible. Sailor stripes and wide-leg jeans are an absolute yes since this type of pants is very comfortable for day-to-day use and highlights the silhouette to the maximum. By not marking the legs and being completely loose, It is flattering for all types of figures.

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mery perello

Ideal dresses for summer

Mery also opts for dresses as her favorite garment for the hottest months of the year. The midi length ones are your safest bet and ideal for every public appearance and, to give that groundbreaking touch and stand out (a little) from simplicity, she wanted to add embroidery and transparencies to the neckline area.

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