The King started preseason! Kevin López and Solani Solano speak on their arrival at Olimpia; Araújo was very happy


The current champion of Honduran soccer and the Concacaf League, the olympiastarted this Monday the preseason for the tournament Closure 2022-23 which starts on January 21.

With a happy and emotional video on social networks, the Lion showed the arrival of its players in the afternoon at the High Performance Center to undergo physical reconditioning work.

Similarly, their new signings, midfielders Solani Solano and Kevin López spoke of their warm welcome to the most winning team in Honduran soccer.

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Training this Monday: “A good training session today. A bit tired from the break we had, but we are ready to do the training well”.

Play with Olympia: “It is a dream and a blessing to wear the Olimpia shirt and we take it with great humility and effort. One has the obligation to be fighting for the first places and tournaments”.

Welcome from the team: “Both the players and the coaches have received me well. I am very happy to be with very successful people.”

Message to the fans: “Thanks to the fans. I come to make an effort and give myself for all of you.


Arrival to the team: “They had been talking to me for a long time and in the end the opportunity arose, we took it and we are happy to be with Olimpia.”

Welcome to the club: “I had a good reception from my colleagues and I hope to quickly adapt to what the teacher needs.”

Competing in Concacaf and Clausura: “It means a lot, both are important. We are going to prepare well to win it and we have the capacity to do so”.

Promise to the fans: “DI will always do my best, they brought me in to help the team in games”.

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