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It hits theaters this Friday. the king woman, action film based on true events starring Viola Davis. She plays a character in which we could never have imagined her.

Poster of The King Woman.
poster of The king woman.

The director Gina Prince Bythewood roll a script of dana stevens based on a story by the actress Maria Bello. the king woman is an exceptional action movie about an episode in the history of Africa unknown to many.

In the 19th century, the African kingdom of Dahomey, located in the coastal region of what is now the Republic of Benin, was protected by a unit of female warriors known as the Agojie. Women with combat skills, strength and ferocity out of the ordinary.

Oscar winner Viola Davis plays the general Nanisca, a stoic, rational and brave woman. A powerful and wild fighter. Right hand of King Ghezo (John Boyega).

Viola Davis is Nanisca in The King Woman.
Viola Davis is Nanisca in The king woman.

Nanisca is a woman loved and respected by the entire kingdom of Dahomey. While the king hides with his concubines, Nanisca fights with her Agojie warriors against other conquering kingdoms or the French and Portuguese slavers.

One day a father offers his daughter to the kingdom for not wanting to marry the husband they had sought for her. That rebellious and foul-mouthed girl is Nawi (Thuso Mbedu) a girl who will awaken in Nanisca a certain tenderness for reminding her of herself.

While Nanisca trains the new recruits, Nawi discovers herself to be a skilled and excellent fighter. What she does not imagine the character played by Viola Davis is the terrible secret that Nawi’s past hides.

Poster of The King Woman.
The king woman.

the king woman and its cast: Viola Davis demonstrates an extraordinary talent

The female cast of the king woman it is wonderful. Viola Davis proves once again that there is no role, however difficult it may be, that can resist her. The film interpreter as fences (2016), maids and ladies (2011) or widows (2018), offers an impeccable interpretation.

Viola Davis gives her character the strength, sensitivity, depth and presence necessary for us to create her from the first moment she appears on the screen. Her Nanisca is a general, fair, impassive and brave who hides a trauma that she tries to cope with in the best way. But she doesn’t do it alone she gets help from her friend Amenza (Sheila Atim), showing that one is not less brave if one does not fight their problems alone. Amenza knows her secrets, she is her friend and one of her lieutenants.

Another of his trusted women is Izogie (Lashana Lynch). Yes, Amenza is the soldier who brings emotional stability and security to Nanisca, Izogie is her right hand in the fight. The best warrior of her unit. He controls all kinds of weapons and his nails are as strong and sharp as the best knife of forged in fire.

Both Sheila and Lashana are perfect in their characters. The two embroider outstanding performances.

Thuso Mbedu is the young woman who plays Nawi, and she is up to the task as well. The young actress already He left us with our mouths open for his performance in the series the underground railway. In The King’s Woman He once again shows off his enormous talent.

Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch and Sheila Atim in The King Woman.
Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch and Sheila Atim in The king woman.

the king woman: quality action cinema

Gina Prince-Bythewood is one of the best action directors today. the king woman It is an example of good cinema. His action scenes are shot with taste and skill. It shows violence without any restrictions and knows at all times where to place the camera so that what we see on the screen is as surprising as it is brutal.

the king woman It is not only a movie with incredible battles, it has moments of remarkable sensitivity and take the necessary time for us to get to know their characters. So that we understand what it is that we are being told and how a unit of warriors like the Agojie can train in such a savage and even cruel way and then demonstrate that camaraderie among themselves before going into battle and during the gritty fight.

Directors like Gina Prince-Bythewood are the ones who would need watered-down, bland movies like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Of course, as long as there is a story as interesting and as well told as that of the king woman.

Viola Davis leading the fight in The King Woman.
Viola Davis spearheading the fight in The king woman.

Feminism and sorority in Africa

the king woman it is a feminist film loaded with moments of sorority among its protagonists. The message is clear: united we are stronger.

The Agojie live in community like a kind of Grecian Amazon. In a beautiful space reserved for them in the royal palace to which no man is allowed to enter (unless he is a eunuch). Both in the daily life of the warriors and in battle, the soldiers show powerful examples of sorority between them.

They love, respect and help each other. They are aware that if they don’t do it to each other, no one else will. They live in a society that He marries them as girls to men as if they were a precious object. A kingdom in which a man can have several women and they are not allowed to enjoy or be free. Women who reject their husbands are sent to the Agojie army as punishment.

the king woman is a film of undeniable beauty that does not sacrifice the feminist point of view when it comes to offering one of the best action shows of this 2022.

Furious greetings.

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