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‘The Woman King’ is an epic film set in a cruel time in the history of mankind, in an area rarely seen in major film productions, such as 19th century Africa, at the height of the slave trade. We meet the different kingdoms and cultures of a continent unknown to many, but well represented in the film.

Viola Davis returns to the big screen with a film inspired by true historical events. The highly anticipated film revolves around the epic and emotional journey of Davis’ character General Nanisca as she trains the next generation of recruits for an elite warrior corps known as the Agojie to engage in battle against the enemy. who intends to destroy their way of life. The film has already opened in the United States, and in its opening weekend it broke the box office with 19 million dollars.

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Davis says she was particularly moved by the story of the Agojie warriors because it reflected her own journey of pride and self-acceptance, similar to the one many other women experience. “I spent four years in a training school where I felt I had to cover up my true self in order to become a great actress. I had to trick you into believing, through my body or my voice, that I was not a black woman. I had to become the prototype of what is expected of femininity”.

The Woman King break all these rules. In their minds and hearts, all women yearn for this. They wait for it. They want a space that allows them to get out of the margins, a place where they can say to themselves, ‘Here I am, and I like it’, a place that radiates a sense of belonging”Davis adds.


Maria Bello conceived the idea for The Woman King, original title, in 2015 after visiting Benin, where the kingdom of Dahomey used to be located, and learning the history of the Amazons. Convinced that she had found a story worth telling, she recruited Cathy Schulman to make it into a feature film. After reuniting with TriStar Pictures in 2017, the film was greenlit in 2020.

Production began in South Africa in November 2021, was closed due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant a few weeks later, and resumed in early 2022. Polly Morgan was the cinematographer. During post-production, Terence Blanchard composed the score and Terilyn A. Shropshire completed the editing.


  • The film has been rated Teens and Adults by The Motion Picture Association, due to sequences featuring heavy violence, thematic material, language, and some partial nudity.
  • “La Mujer Rey” will hit our billboard next Thursday, October 6.


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