The last days of Ptolemy Gray

Ptolemy Gray is a 91-year-old man who has been pushed aside by his family, his friends, and even by himself. His mind has been perishing over the years due to a slow but inexorable senile dementia that has him anchored to the sofa. Although everything changes with the murder of his nephew, the only being with whom Ptolemy was related from the outside world. This event will be the engine he needs to overcome his loneliness in order to investigate what happened to his nephew, who was shot dead in the middle of the street. This is the plot of “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”, the series that premieres this week on Apple TV and one of the platform’s big launches in 2022. The actor Samuel L Jackson embodies this hermit who must relate to his last remaining niece to find out what happened to the other young man. Although she is a teenager, Robyn, which is what her niece is called, will tie her uncle short.

However, to fulfill what he wants, Ptolomy needs his memory. Therefore, he will undergo an experimental treatment that will give him a second chance.

The interpreter has already declared that this will possibly be the role of his life, since it is one of the most dramatic of his career as a protagonist. In fact, Jackson has always achieved fame with supporting roles, in films such as Pulp Fiction (1995), A Time to Kill (1989) or Wild Fever (1991), with which he won the award for best supporting performance at the Film Festival. Cannes.

The series, which adapts the novel by Walter Mosley, is directed by Ramin Bahrani

Apple TV is capturing many of the Hollywood actors who were missing to fully immerse themselves in the field of streaming. This year, the platform has already announced the hiring of Anne Hathaway, Jared Leto, Gary Oldman, Elisabeth Moss or the filmmaker Joel Coens to combat the threat of other titles, mainly Disney +.

The series, which adapts the novel by Walter Mosley, is directed by Ramin Bahrani, responsible for the film 99 Homes (2015) and the small screen adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451”, which can be seen on HBO Max.

Another of the most anticipated series on Apple TV will be “Wecrashed”, the new proposal starring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto, who play the creators of the company ‘WeWork’, considered one of the most valuable start ups in the world. The series recounts the fall of this symbol of the new business era.

The platform will also host the premiere of Gary Oldman’s first series in 20 years, “Slow Horses.” In it he plays a police officer who is forcibly removed to an administrative area of ​​the department, destined for the body’s failed cases after a mission goes wrong.

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