the last declaration of war of the series

As not infrequently in many other television series or feature films and even in his own The Walking Dead (since 2010), the chapter “Acts of God” (11×16) starts in half res, with a disturbing scene about something horrible that must have happened or is happening. Probably, what was feared after the tension of the episode “Trust” (11×15) and his last swerve, which does not bode well.

The soundtrack by Sam Ewing and Bear McCreary feed oureither unrest; as well as the first appearance of Lance Hornsby, played by Josh Hamilton, with a certain visual display by director Catriona McKenzie, who has previously made other chapters for Supernatural (2005-2020), How to defend a murderer (2014-2020) or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020).

But it is that, in addition, his almost omnipresent notes contribute a lot to the composition of this installment of The Walking Deadwhich represents a point and followed in this second round of the three that make up the final season, is quite close to the fluidity of a symphony that preserves the mood of the spectators, keeping them practically with the heart in a fist.

The outcome of a duel foretold


The ability to move of the interactions between the Maggie and the Hershel Rhe of Lauren Cohan and Kien Michael Spiller and the Negan Smith of Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not a flash in the pan in “The Rotten Core” (11×14), but is strongly repeated during “Acts of God”. But there isn’t much time for sensibilities like this because the difficult confrontation we expected begins without delay.

The danger to which some of the leading survivors are exposed makes our muscles stiff. In particular, with the power of the images that they offer us and the fact that here the dramatic threads come together of this season of The Walking Dead, and that they do so as a result of sins committed by different characters who now take a terrible toll. Without contemplation.

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