“The last descent”, the high-altitude survival movie on TV tonight

Today officially the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It, therefore, does not seem a coincidence that tonight at 21.04 up Channel 20 the survival thriller is broadcast “The last descent“, Based on the true story of the Olympic hockey champion Eric LeMarque.

LeMarque was an American hockey player who participated in the French league in the middle decade of his professional career. The adventure that the director Scott Waugh chooses to tell in this action-packed film, dates back to 2004, 10 years after his last Olympics.

A survival story, of struggle against nature, of resistance to extreme climatic conditions, as the athlete told it in his biography.

“The last descent”: an escape that becomes a death trap

The rise of Eric (Josh Hartnett) in the mountains begins as a real escape from your own routine and the problems it caused with a car accident. Deaf to any warning about the arrival of one snowstorm, then prepares to get on the Sierra Nevada mountains for snowboarding and for a good dose of adrenaline.

During the storm, he loses his sense of direction and he finds himself alone, in the snow, cut off from any kind of communication with the world and with no one who knows his position. A tough one will follow a fight against a hostile nature that threatens him with all his possibilities: ice, snow, extreme cold, wolves, lack of water and food, incredibly high and steep rock faces.

If it is the athlete’s own life that tells us that he has overcome this challenge and survived to tell it, to live the tension of uncertainty together with the protagonist and immerse yourself in this story ai extreme limits of human experience, tonight “The Last Descent” is on TV from 21.04.

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