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THE LAST DUEL by Ridley Scott, in cinemas from 14 October distributed by The Walt Disney Company Italia, shows a cruel reality, that is, how women have always been victims of rape and, as the story develops, it is also understood that violence by the squire is not the only one suffered by the protagonist. This is the vision of Matt Damon: “The woman – as can be seen clearly in the book of the same name by Eric Jager from which the film is based – was invisible, there are no written traces of the female work, while the male one was meticulously noted in many pages”. In fact, at the center of the film, like the book, there is the true story of a very courageous woman who in France of 1386 denounces, when no one did, of having been raped in search of a legitimate redemption. We are talking about Marguerite de Thibouville (Jodie Comer), married to the reliable soldier Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon), and raped by Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), among other things best friend of De Carrouges. To act as judge, in this story that happened in 14th century France, was King Charles VI through the count Pierre d’Alencon (Ben Affleck).
Then the judgment of God was established, that is a challenge to the death, which would decide once and for all if there really was violence or if the woman, as Jacques Le Gris affirmed, was consenting. “When I discovered the book – Damon says, who is also the screenwriter of the film together with Affleck and Nicole Holofcner – I immediately fell in love with it, then I called Ridley Scott, I confess thinking about THE DUELISTS, because no one better than him could bring this story to the screen. I then talked about it with Ben Affleck and we immediately got to work finishing the script in record time. ” “Only in the last chapter of the book Marguerite – continues the actor – does she finally show herself as a human being, while in the others she seems an accessory of the male world. This is why the whole film in the end rests on the shoulders of Jodie Comer. L she is really the hero of the story: strong, dynamic, courageous “. Finally, Comer says: “I am grateful to this film for having staged a woman who does not let herself be disheartened by the violence she suffered. Even if the story was written by this trio of talented screenwriters, I always felt involved on the set because ‘I was often asked for an opinion “. And again Comer, British actress, born in 1993, known for the role of Villanelle / Oksana Astankova in the Killing Eve series: “The beauty of the script is that everything was very clear on the page so you could follow what she said step by step. and he thought.
I wanted to be sure to bring back Margherite faithfully, not to betray this brave character. This is also why I took particular care of the most delicate scenes, those of violence. I didn’t want them to offend this historical figure as those who looked at them “. (ANSA).


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