The last hours in power of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, the general overthrown 65 years ago in Venezuela

  • John Francis Alonso
  • BBC News World

The then Colonel Pérez Jiménez receives the Constitution of 1953.

image source, Courtesy Fundación Empresas Polar

January 23, 1958. That day began as abruptly as the previous ones for the people of Caracas, especially those who lived to the east of the Venezuelan capital.

An unusual mechanical noise knocked more than one out of bed, but the darkness of the night made it difficult to identify the cause. We had to wait until dawn to clarify what happened.

“It fell [el general Marcos] Perez Jimenez”“Liquidated the tyranny” or “The dictator fled abroad”.

With these headlines, the newspapers gave an account of what had happened hours before: the military regime that for a decade governed the destinies of the South American country had collapsed.

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