The last showdown? The impressive figure reached by an auction to meet Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


On January 19, the figures of the al nassr Y al hilal will face the psg in a friendly match that has generated high demand for tickets. We could be facing the last confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo Y Messi.

Madness: Al Hilal offers Messi the best contract in history

After the success of ticket sales, an organization in Saudi Arabia decided to hold an auction in which a ticket is offered for said commitment.

But the winner will not only purchase the ticket to access the match, as they will also have the right to attend the award ceremony and the team locker rooms to meet figures such as Christian, Messi, mbappe Y neymar.

It was previously reported that an Arab businessman had offered 2.6 million dollars for a ticket. However, in the first instance it was not specified that it was in the aforementioned auction.

The man behind the million-dollar offer

The Reuters agency revealed more details and announced that Mushref Al Ghamdiowner of the Arab real estate group AqarOne, was in charge of offering the millionaire figure for the ticket to meet Christian Y Messi.

So far, the businessman has the lead in the auction, although Reuters reports that some counteroffers are expected before January 17, the date on which the auction will close and the lucky winner who will be able to meet the two soccer geniuses will be announced.

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