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The Omicron variant

There Omicron variant it has now become predominant around the world. The strong increase in infections depends on it, which also affected Italy, which has even exceeded 200 thousand cases of Covid per day. This variant is more contagious than Delta, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Hong Kong multiplies 70 times faster in the bronchi compared to the original virus: therefore it is apparently less dangerous, not reaching the lungs frequently, but it is more transmissible.

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With regard to i symptoms, so far new ones connected to Omicron have been highlighted: one of the main ones is dysentery, as noted by the American CDC. This variant manages to “blend in” because it has symptoms very similar to those of seasonal flu and colds, but dysentery could help distinguish it: NBC Chicago noted that people with compromised immune systems are more likely to experience gastrointestinal disorders , while John Hopkins Medicine added that about 20% of Covid patients suffer from these ailments.

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Then there are more “classic” symptoms such as the sudden loss of smell and taste: they are also more “specific” symptoms than those such as headaches, chills and muscle aches. Even in one of the larger studies conducted in United Kingdom about the symptoms of Omicron, many confirmations have arrived regarding intestinal disorders, which are the real novelty of this variant.

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