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05/16/2022, 11.40

Book review: Directors and their cinema

05/13/2022, 13.10

Interview: Mark Wahlberg talks about the genesis of “The Miracle of Father Stu”

05/13/2022, 12.00

Obituary: Bruce MacVittie, “Law & Order” actor

05/13/2022, 11.40

Movie Review: Eyes of Fire

05/13/2022, 11.20

News: Selma Blair speaks with an open heart

05/13/2022, 11.00

News: The director of “The Princess Bride” returns to the 80

05/13/2022, 10.45

News: Netflix is ​​still very concerned about its economic situation

05/13/2022, 10.20

News: “Dune 2” already has an emperor

05/12/2022, 11:30

Podcast: “The Miracle of Father Stu, Fatima, The Chosen. Is interest in religious productions returning?”

05/12/2022, 11.20

News: Luc Besson’s secret project

05/12/2022, 11.15

News: Hayden Panettiere returns to the saga “Scream”

05/12/2022, 11.05

News: The box office in Europe is less than half that before Covid

05/12/2022, 11.00

News: Richard Linklater reconstructs a curious real case

05/12/2022, 10.45

News: Everything is ready for the start of the 75th Cannes Film Festival

05/12/2022, 10:30

News: Rosamund Pike will shoot with a Spanish director

05/12/2022, 10.15

News: Ralph Fiennes will participate in a conclave to elect Pope

05/12/2022, 09.45

News: Emily Blunt will star in a pharmaceutical thriller

05/12/2022, 09.30

News: There is already a cast for the David Cronenberg series meets with Vincent Cassell

05/11/2022, 17.00

News: There is already a cast for the series of Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey

05/11/2022, 16.40

Review: The Baby

05/11/2022, 11.00

News: “Law and order” continues to triumph

05/11/2022, 10.50

News: Hamish Linklater will be President Abraham Lincoln, and Lili Taylor his wife

05/11/2022, 10.45

News: Jennifer Hudson and Milla Jovovich will not give “Respiro”

05/11/2022, 10:30

News: Sean Penn, paramedic in New York

05/11/2022, 10.00

Report: Netflix will offer ad-supported streaming in 2022

05/10/2022, 17.25

Movie Review: The Weapon of Deception

05/10/2022, 17.00

Movie Review: Ninjababy

05/10/2022, 16.25

Movie Review: Let Go

05/10/2022, 13.00

News: Filming begins in Chile for “The film accountant”

05/10/2022, 12:30

News: Juan Diego Botto gets his driving license

05/10/2022, 12.00

Obituary: Jack Kehler, Nota’s landlord in “The Big Lebowski”

05/10/2022, 11:30

News: Maisie Williams and Freddie Highmore will be kidnappers

05/10/2022, 11.00

News: First images of the Latin remake of “The Father of the Bride”

05/10/2022, 10.30

News: The Cannes Film Festival does not accredit Russian journalists

05/10/2022, 10.15

News: Jodie Comer will get wet in a thriller

05/10/2022, 10.00

News: A direct sequel to “Dirty Dancing” is underway, with Jennifer Gray

05/09/2022, 16.25

Series Review: Welcome to Eden

05/09/2022, 13.45

Obituary: ‘Friends’ landlord dies

05/09/2022, 13:30

News:The German Hispanic Daniel Brühl returns to racing

05/09/2022, 13.15

News item: Guy Pearce becomes a preacher

05/09/2022, 13.00

News: Elizabeth II’s unreleased home movies will be part of a documentary

05/09/2022, 12:45

Movie review: Ennio, the Master

05/09/2022, 12.00

News:Michelle Pfeiffer will be a grandmother in her new movie

05/09/2022, 11.00

News: Jason Statham returns to action movies

05/09/2022, 10.00

News: Ncuti Gatwa, first black actor to star in “Dr. Who”

05/07/2022, 18.15

Movie Review: Incompatibles 2

05/07/2022, 13.15

Movie review: France

05/07/2022, 11.00

Series Review: Clark

05/06/2022, 17.00

News: 4 candidates compete for the Film Academy in Spain

05/06/2022, 14.00

Movie review: A new world

06/05/2022, 1:15 p.m.

Movie review: Everything at once everywhere

05/06/2022, 11.17

News: A group of shareholders accuses Netflix of lack of transparency

05/06/2022, 11.00

News: Elizabeth Banks becomes a surgeon

05/06/2022, 10.50

News: Ray Liotta and Odeya Rush will dive into “Dangerous Waters”

05/06/2022, 10.30

News: Forest Whitaker will receive an honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes

05/06/2022, 10.15

News: Frank Langella points to Netflix as responsible for its cancellation

05/06/2022, 09.45

News: Kate Beckinsale, recruited by the CIA

05/06/2022, 09.20

News: Lawrence Kasdan returns to the universe of “Star Wars”

05/05/2022, 13:30

Report: “Dinosaurs, a survival story” arrives at the planetariums

05/05/2022, 13.00

News: Matt Damon will be the fugitive oil king

05/05/2022, 12:30

News: Daniel Radcliffe wears a wig in the Al Yankovic biopic

05/05/2022, 12.00

News: Paul Schrader will receive the Golden Lion for his entire career

05/05/2022, 11.30

News: “The prince of the tides” will become an Apple series

05/05/2022, 10.30

News: Tom Cruise flies a helicopter to the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”

05/04/2022, 11.00

Series Review: The Staircase

05/05/2022, 09.30

News: Martin Scorsese will honor Michael Powell and Emerich Pressburger

05/04/2022, 16:30

News: Luis Tosar robs a bookmaker

05/04/2022, 13:30

News: Amber Heard suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder

05/04/2022, 12.50

Series review: This is going to hurt

05/04/2022, 12:30

Movie Review: Outside Noise

05/04/2022, 11:30

News: Meg Ryan returns to the romantic comedy

05/04/2022, 11.00

News: An exhibition in Madrid celebrates “Star Wars” Day

05/04/2022, 10.30

News: “It was the hand of God” triumphs at the David di Donatello Awards 2022

05/04/2022, 09.30

News: Viola Davis returns to the universe of DC superheroes

05/03/2022, 18.40

Movie review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

05/03/2022, 17.40

Movie Review: Yakari

05/03/2022, 16:30

News: First images of “I’m going to have a good time”

05/03/2022, 16.15

News: “The good boss” triumphs at the Platinum Awards

05/03/2022, 11:30

News: Bill Murray offers statements on the suspension of the filming of “Being Mortal”

05/03/2022, 10.30

Blog Geek Zone: Last days to see “Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition”

05/03/2022, 09.30

News: Blake Lively will make her directorial debut

03/05/2022, 09.15

News: Louis Leterrier will direct “Fast X”

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