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How to limit coronavirus infections? Simple: with a chewing gum. This is the latest scientific experiment. According to the summary of the article reported by the US National Library of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania is said to be developing a chewing gum capable of reducing the viral load in the saliva and the risks of contagion from Covid-19. An absolute novelty. Chewing gum contains special proteins (called Ctb-Ace2), capable of capturing the virus particles and limiting their emission while talking or coughing.

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These proteins could even limit the amount of virus in saliva by 95 percent. Once the experimentation phase is over, chewing gum could be spread there in countries where the population is already vaccinated. Meanwhile, science is also making progress in the administration of doses. Sergio Orefice, a Milanese oncologist surgeon with fifty years of experience in breast, skin, thyroid, abdomen and liver cancers, has devised a machine capable of vaccinating. “I called him Vaxmat, one nurse is enough to supervise 15/20 injections at a time”.

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The advantage? “The acceleration of the vaccination of the population that can reach 40 million vaccinations a year at a cost lower than it is now. For example: if the cost of a vaccination is 4/5 euros, the annual income can reach 200 millioni “. Also a big news.

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