the legend has cancer, his words

The world of tennis and beyond is following the case carefully Novak Djokovic, the number one in the world who did not get vaccinated against Coronavirus and who is currently in custody: he risks not participating in the Australian Open and to be expelled from Australia for three years after the latest events.

Chris Evert shock: “I have cancer”

But now, the news given by Chris Evert put the case through Djokovic in the background. The former American champion, 18-time Grand Slam winner and absolute tennis legend is sick and announced it via Twitter: “I would like to tell you that I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the first stage. I am very confident that I can overcome it and I am sure that the chemotherapy will give good results. Fortunately, we found out in time ”.

Chris Evert at the moment he wants to fight and continue to lead the usual life. Also on social media, she announced that she will also be among the protagonists of the first seasonal Grand Slam: “I hope you understand my need to focus on health and care. However you will see me sometime in connection on Espn for some comment on Australian Open“.

Chris Evert, there is a chance of beating cancer

Just two years ago, Chris Evert he lost his sister Jeanne for the same disease that has now hit her. Impossible for the American not to think about it: “When I do chemo – said Evert – I think about her and I feel that she will give me a hand to overcome this difficult test. But the doctors reassured me. There are the 90 percent chance that chemo will work“.

Many messages of affection for Evert

The news impressed many fans and fans of the Evert, but messages of solidarity have come from all over the world. Tennis lovers and more are hoping that the American legend can win his battle and fortunately, as she herself stated, there are chances to do it.


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