The Liga MX generates controversy over the registration of Rafael Baca towards the Clausura 2023

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On social networks, the version that the midfielder would leave Blue Cross

The pass market moves suddenly in Cruz Azul.
© imago7The pass market moves suddenly in Cruz Azul.

The Closing 2023 starts this friday! And a few hours before the start of a new season, the pass market moves suddenly in Blue Crosssince the entity sky blue It is yet to define details in its template, among which stand out the possible departure of Uriel Antunaas well as the arrival of a couple of reinforcements.

Facing the start of the tournamentthis Friday the MX League started updating the templates of the 18 First Division teams. And given the adjustments that it is presumed to have Machinein social media I know sparked controversy around the figure of the midfielder sky blue raphael bacca.

And it is that various users detected the absence of Raph Roof in the section of the midfielders of Blue Cross. Given this, in social media an endless number of versions emerged, among which there was speculation about the possible loss of the midfielder at the last minute.

Various media took up the issue. And although some point out that the non-presence of Raph Roof in the records of the MX League was due to issues of updating the agency’s website, the uncertainty was maintained and the version about the departure of the midfielder from the entity cement heading to Closing 2023 it took strength.

With the passing of the hours Rafael Baca appeared in the section of the midfielders of Blue Cross. However, at first it caught the attention of the Cruz Azul fans that the player profile appeared no number on your record. Such a situation, once, generated controversy.

All OK with Baca’s registration

However, everything was resolved in one of the latest updates from Liga MXwhere it was finally reported the full record of the 33-year-old midfielder, who will wear the number 22 in the Closing 2023which will represent his 18th (short) tournament with Machineafter he debuted with the team sky blue on April 18, 2014.

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