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On November 22, the Holy Mass in memory of Father Slavko Barbaric, one of the very first priests to witness the extraordinary mystery of the apparitions in the small Bosnian town during the dark years of the war in the Balkans.

The 21st anniversary of his death was celebrated, with a still very vivid memory among those who met him for years during the pilgrimages to the places of the apparitions and the visionaries: Father Slavko had traveled all over the world spreading the Our Lady’s message of peace and reconciliation. Waiting for today’s message entrusted to the visionary Marija, here is one of the strongest testimonies (quoted by the portal “Sardinia Land of Peace”, ed) that the priest of Medjugorje gave as a legacy when he was still alive, “The only purpose of the apparitions is peace and, like a red thread, it passes through everything that Mary says and does. Therefore she also spoke of the conditions of peace: to turn, to pray, to fast, to believe and abandon oneself to God totally, to remain with her on the path of holiness. He also spoke clearly of the means: reciting the rosary, confessing, reading the Holy Scriptures, attending the celebration of Holy Mass, doing good.“.


As always, waiting for the message to arrive around prime time, the stories that come from Medjugorje they are enriched every month that passes between witnesses, pilgrims and simple people who in the encounter with Our Lady have seen their lives radically change.

This is the case with Antonino and his testimony on the YouTube channel “Medjugorje every day”: a dissolute life, with various lovers “out of” marriage, then also drugs, swingers and all upset by the incredible “reaction” of his wife. Once she discovered her husband’s second life, instead of leaving him to his fate, she decided to make a trip to Medjugorje. When he returns, then, everything changes forever: “The Virgin Mary truly saved me from hell because I was living a life in hell“. The wife after the encounter with the reality of Medjugorje is calmer, she takes care of him instead of downloading him: Antoninus cannot bear this and decides to go in person to the places of the Apparitions to understand what the heck had happened to his wife. “Maria saves him from hell: she feels all the weight of the harm she has done to so many people in her life, and finally repents by melting into a liberating cry, after which she feels incredibly light», Explains the Aleteia portal, presenting the extraordinary human story of this witness and now a regular pilgrim from Medjugorje. After 12 years, the faith in Christ – born from the “upheaval” of his life carried out by the Gospa – it is still intact.


As always, every 25th of the month there is a special and “frenetic” expectation among the pilgrims and faithful of Medjugorje: it is known that the seer Maria Pavlovic appears once a month the Madonna and Mother of Jesus, in one of those completely unsolved “mysteries” for more than 40 years. The November 25 message will see, as always, a constant invitation to the conversion of the heart on the part of each “son” to whom the “Gospa” turns, but it will also contain some specific indications on how beauty of faith in Christ may be the only real “keystone” to the dramas and the hardships of our daily life.

Just a month ago, on October 25, 2021, the Queen of Peace thus he addressed his beloved Marya addressing her short but very dense words to invite the whole of Christianity to “renew” their faith: «Dear children! Return to prayer because those who pray are not afraid of the future. Those who pray are open to life and respect the lives of others. Whoever prays, little children, feels the freedom of the children of God and with a joyful heart serves for the good of his brother. Because God is love and freedom. Therefore, little children, when they want to put chains on you and use this it does not come from God because God is love and gives His peace to every creature. Therefore he sent me to help you grow on the path of holiness. Thank you for having responded to my call“.


Prayer as “openness to life” is the same concept from which Monsignor started Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris, in the’homily of the Holy Mass from Medjugorje last October 26 during the pilgrimage of the French Archdiocese. “The Lord speaks to us of the kingdom of God. But where does He reign? For us, the kingdom always corresponds to a territory. Jews have the promised land. Muslims, when they are mostly somewhere, speak of an “Islamic country” “, emphasizes the Archbishop. Where is the territory where Jesus reigns? We are two billion Christians and we don’t know where the kingdom of Christ is? Because the kingdom of Christ is not a territory. The kingdom of Christ is your heart and, if there is only a little love in it, be sure that God will come to fill it with his love and then that grain of love will grow, like the mustard seed that becomes the largest tree in the garden. Our Lady’s message in Medjugorje says: “Peace, peace, peace”, no violence, no conquest, no blood», Aupetit explained again in front of the faithful pilgrims who arrived in the parish of Medjugorje. The archbishop then recalled the beauty of conversion, not as a “theoretical” fact but as an encounter that radically changes life: “If we let Jesus enter our hearts, this can change our whole life, as Our Lady says when she calls us to conversion. When Jesus enters a heart, it changes our view of God and of others. Instead of looking at everything that is not right in our brothers and sisters, let us look at them as Jesus sees them and we know how to admire what is beautiful in them.

Our business also becomes transformed. When you sweep the house, if you look at the broom or the dust, you despair before you even begin, but if you think about the people who will come to your house, who will be happy to be welcomed with dignity, the job will be easy for you. The kingdom of God is in your heart and the door of our heart is love “. Finally Aupetit, inhomily reported by the portal “”, calls everyone to a “total” love granted only by that One Son of the Gospa: “We know we can love, we love our spouse, our friends, our children, our parents… But that love is always limited, because Jesus tells us that if you love someone who loves you, you do nothing special. Our love, when it encounters some resistance, soon runs out. On the other hand, when we receive divine love, as Jesus asks us: “Love one another as I have loved you”, such a love, even if it is a small grain, grows infinitely according to the measure of God“.


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