“The lights of my eyes”: Alejandro Fernández dedicates a loving message to his granddaughters Cayetana and Mía

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Alejandro Fernández shared on his Instagram account a series of photographs in which he shows the love he has for his granddaughters: Cayetana and Mía, who have made his life happy after the sensitive death of his father, Don Vicente Fernández, which occurred on December 12.

“To witness how miracles happen every day in the smallest of hands. I present to you the lights of my eyes: Cayetana and Mía”he wrote at the bottom of a series of photographs that They were captured last weekend at a family meeting between “El Potrillo” and his children Álex and Camila Fernández with their respective partners.

In one of the photos, the singer is seen riding his horse accompanied by his granddaughter Cayetana, of whom he has already shared some emotional moments with us. In the next one you see the little girl Mía, daughter of Álex Fernández and Alexia Hernández, sitting in a little chair, celebrating her second month of birth.

Alejandro Fernández is loving with Cayetana
Photo: Instagram @alexoficial

The publication registers hundreds of positive comments in which his followers praise this new facet of his life, being a loving and tender grandfather.

Mía Fernández is the second granddaughter of “El Potrillo”
Photo: Instagram @alexoficial

Mía, daughter of Álex Fernández and Alexia Hernández, was born on March 17 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. At her young age, she already posed for her first magazine cover by starring in “Hola! Mexico” magazine in April.

While, On March 14, little Cayetana celebrated her first year of life at a party surrounded by the entire Fernández dynasty. The girl’s celebration took place in the middle of the premiere of the controversial series “The Last King: The Son of the People” by Televisa and Univisión, whose content was not authorized by the family.

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