The-List of celebrities who were unfaithful to their partners

All people go through crises in their relationships and there are celebrities who were unfaithful to their partners despite years of dating or marriage.

The most recent case was Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5who allegedly cheated on his couple Behati Prinsloo with the influencer Sumner Stroh.

The also model said in a TikTok video that the singer of Sugar he flirted with her through text messages. Her conversations were shown in the clip that she shared on her networks.

@sumnerstroh embarrassed I was involved wa man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Sumner Stroh

From the Sumner Troh video, Adam Levine joined The list of celebrities unfaithful to their partners. Although the singer maintained that he did not cheat on his partner, flirting with someone who is not your partner was considered by netizens as infidelity to his wife.

The same singer of Maroon 5 recognized that this action he committed was improper. Regarding this situation, we remember other cases in which celebrities risked their relationships.

The list of famous infidels


Rapper Offset and singer Cardi B were secretly married in 2017, but while she was pregnant, her husband repeatedly cheated on her with multiple women.

One of those singled out was Summer Bunni, who raised her voice about what happened and apologized for “breaking up a happy home.” The couple had several problems that caused them to break up and come back constantly, until in September 2020 the music star asked for a divorce.

However, after four weeks of arguing, they reconciled and gave each other a new opportunity, plus they welcomed their baby Wave.

“One day I’m happy and the next I want to hit him… and then I start to miss him again,” said the rapper, who continues her relationship with Offset.

Gerard Piqué

Along with the case of Adam Levinethe infidelity committed by the soccer player Gerard Pique to Shakira singer It was one of the most controversial in recent months.

The relationship of the athlete and the music star lasted 12 years, during which time they had two children. The first information that circulated about this case was at the beginning of June and was later confirmed when they separated.

Clara Chía is a 23-year-old public relations student who worked with the Barcelona defender at his production company Kosmos. Currently, both are already walking together and made their courtship public.

Meanwhile the separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues. A few days ago they met about the custody of their children, an appointment in which the interpreter of Congratulations He came out with a positive expression, contrary to his ex-partner.

tristan thompson

Another of the celebrities who were unfaithful is the basketball player Tristan Thompsonwho cheated on Khloé Kardashian and that caused them to break up their relationship.

That was not the first time that the athlete was disloyal to the member of the clan kardashian, Well, in 2018 it was revealed that he was unfaithful for the first time. Despite this, they continued and had little True Thompson.

The basketball player had a relationship with Maralee Nichols and they even had a child whom they conceived when the athlete was still in another relationship.

Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez They were already preparing their ascent to the altar, but a day before they reported that they were stopping their engagement and even had to separate.

From that moment, baseball player Alex Rodríguez joined The list of celebrities who were unfaithful, since he was related to the model Madison Le Croywho was also part of the reality show Southern Charm.

The model assured shortly after that the former baseball player “he never physically cheated on his fiancée with me” and insisted that “they never had anything physical… they never had anything”.

Due to this scandal, it was that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez ended their relationship and also their commitment, which made JLo take refuge in the relationship that ended 20 years earlier with Ben Affleck.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake He is also part of the celebrities who were unfaithful. Her case occurred in 2019, when images were released next to the actress Alisha Wainwright in which displays of affection were given, this while he was married to Jessica Biel.

The singer offered a public apology for the images captured by the paparazzi at the end of December of that year and assured that nothing happened between them and also blamed alcohol.

“Weeks ago I had a huge lapse in judgment, but let me be clear, nothing happened between my co-star (they both starred Palmer) and me”, he assured.

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