The-List of most controversial children’s film characters

The movies make you dream of other worlds, get excited with the stories and forget about all the stress for a while; there are some that they remain engraved in your memory by the feelings that they generated in you, but also by the way of addressing certain issues. These They are the most controversial children’s characters in cinema.

Either for addressing topics such as drug use, prostitution or being too violent stories there are characters that are not suitable to be played by children and although when these films were released these roles caused controversy, today perhaps such performances would not be allowed.

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Most controversial children’s characters in cinema

The following stars rose to fame for playing characters that were not suitable for their age. Nonetheless They showed at their young age their unparalleled talent, with which they were applauded by critics and began a successful film career.


Mathilda in Léon: The Professional

Natalie Portman She was barely 12 years old when she played Mathilda, a young woman whose family is murdered, so Léon -a professional assassin- becomes her protector. She teaches him about her “profession”, they become very close to the point that Mathilda strikes up a platonic relationship with her protector.

Years later, the actress the black swan She commented that after participating in what was her first film, she felt sexualized and harassed, which caused her insecurity during her adolescence.

The-List of most controversial children's film characters - natalie-portman-nina
The film tells the story of a girl who is protected by a murderer. Photo: screenshot movie Leon: The Professional


Violet in Pretty Baby

Brooke Shields rose to fame with this controversial 1978 film that tells the story of Violet, the daughter of a prostitute who, after getting married, abandons her daughter in the brothel where she works, where she is forced to work in the same. The theme and scenes of this film caused it to be banned in the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan in Canada.

The-List of the most controversial children's characters in cinema - pretty-baby
The role of Brooke Shields caused a lot of controversy. Photo: Movie Screenshot prettybaby

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Iris in Taxi Driver

At just 12 years old, Jodie Foster played a child prostitute in the hit film directed by Martin Scorsese. Although the actress’s mother opposed her at first, she ended up letting her daughter play Iris, but not before putting conditions such as her sister Connie Foster being the double of her youngest daughter in the scenes. more sensitive.

Years later, the protagonist of The Silence of the Lambs commented that she had a 4-hour interview with a psychiatrist in Los Angeles who determined her “mentally prepared for acting”. This role earned Foster an Oscar nomination.

The-List of most controversial children's film characters - Jodie-foster-849x1280
Jodie Foster’s mother put a series of conditions for the actress to participate in the film. Photo: Facebook Cinephiles of the World


Dolores in Lolita

Dominique Swain played Dolores, a minor known as “Lolita” in the film of the same name, which tells the story of Professor Humbert -played by Jeremy Irons- who comes to live in the small town of Ramsdale where he becomes obsessed with the teenager because he looks like his young love. Humbert marries Lolita’s mother, Charlotte (Melanie Griffith).

Swain was 17 years old when she filmed the controversial tape that brought her to fame. She later commented that she never felt comfortable with the role of Lolita.

The-List of most controversial children's characters in cinema - Lolita
Dominique Swain was 17 years old when she filmed this tape. Photo: screenshot movie Lolita


Claudia in Interview with the Vampire

The successful actress Kirsten Dunst began her career at a very young age. interview with the vampire It was one of the projects that made her jump to fame. However, her experience was not so pleasant, the protagonist of the power of the dog He was just 11 years old when he recorded this movie where he had to kiss Brad Pitt in one of the scenes.

A couple of years ago, Dunst said that that kiss was the first he gave and that the experience was far from what many imagine, because he did not enjoy the experience at all. At that time Pitt was already 29 years old.

The-List of the most controversial children's film characters - interview-vampire
Dunst’s experience on film was not a pleasant one. Photo: Facebook CinemaArt

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Lewellen in Hounddog

Dakota Fanning is one of the most successful child stars, at only 7 years old she won over the public in the movie I am Sam; years later she surprised her with her role as Lewellen in the tape hounddogwhich tells the story of a girl who takes refuge in the music of Elvis Presley from the violent and poor environment in which she lives.

The film generated controversy since there is a scene in which Fanning’s character is the victim of sexual abuse, the actress defended her work by highlighting the need to tell the stories of children who go through the same situations.


Mindy (Hit Girl) in Kick Ass

Chloë Grace Moretz played an unconventional superheroine, hit-girlon the tape kick-ass. The character received several negative reviews for the violent scenes with firearms played by the young actress who was 13 years old when she worked in the irreverent superhero movie.

The most controversial scene was when a mobster nearly beat a man to death. hit-girl.

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Regan in The Exorcist

Linda Blair was 13 years old when she filmed the popular tape The Exorcist, which became a classic horror film. However, the character of the young actress -Regan- was not free from criticism, not only because of the language used, the risqué scenes; but also for the injuries that Blair suffered as a result of the scenes.

Later, the actress said that she developed scoliosis – a disease caused by the lateral deviation of the spine – due to the levitation scene, for which a harness was used to hang and then suddenly fall to the ground.

The-List of most controversial children's film characters - linda-blair-the-exorcist
Linda Blair suffered lifelong injuries from scenes in The Exorcist. Photo: screenshot movie The Exorcist

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