“The list of the buzzard”: Giammattei’s comment on the “enemies of Guatemala” while speaking of the election of the attorney general

President Alejandro Giammattei participated this Wednesday, May 11, in the presentation of the 2023 Budget Scenarios in which he was accompanied by several mayors, from whom he received recognition, including the Manuel Colom Argueta Order, which was presented to him by the National Association of Municipalities (Anam).

After receiving the awards, the president referred to various issues, among these to the next election of attorney general of the Public Ministry (MP).

“Difficult times are coming for the country. Someone told me, what happened to him: pandemic, Eta, Iota, Amanda, Cristóbal, eruptions, chairos and I don’t know how many more disasters, ”he said.

When referring to the election of the next attorney general of the MP, Giammattei indicated: They have called me, they have threatened me, they have told me that they are going to take me away, what they are going to do to me. The only thing I have been able to answer, as I told an ambassador of a power, of an empire, during a visit he made to me, I told him: ambassador, you have not understood that as long as I am president of this country, which is so small compared to yours, the sovereignty of the country is respected here.”

“We are going to make decisions in the coming days,” he said, referring to the appointment of the next head of the MP.

He then asked the mayors to “please pray a lot for God to pour out his blessings on the country” and that makes it understood that the “only way to achieve development” in Guatemala is that there is not only strengthening of the municipalities, but also a strengthening of the justice system.

Regarding the fact that President Giammattei once again pointed out that he has received threats regarding the election of the attorney general and whether the corresponding complaints have been filed, the Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Kevin López Oliva.

“The President is referring to all those people who through different means and platforms have wanted to violate the sovereignty of the country, who have not wanted to understand that the rule of law must prevail in Guatemala and that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations mandates avoiding interference in state affairs. The complaints have been made publicly and transparently, as well as through official diplomatic channels,” López pointed out.

buzzard list

After the applause of the mayors, the president stated: “Tomorrow any of us can be accused by someone’s tongue and with someone’s tongue they can end their life in prison, without evidence; to put it on a list, I am also going to make the list of the buzzard and we are going to start putting those enemies of Guatemala on the list of the buzzardBecause yes, if they put you on a list that is worth nothing, at least the buzzard is worth something.”

The United States has included representatives, judges, magistrates and other officials accused of favoring impunity in the Engel List. In September 2021, the US State Department included Consuelo Porras on that list.

Giammattei also spoke of Guatemalans having equality before the law and that it not be “ideologized.” Out loud he said: “That those who now call themselves champions against corruption and champions of justice were the most corrupt in this country.”

He stated: “They accused me of an illegal act, they kept me in prison, I stood up, defended myself and proved my innocence, but here Those great champions of justice fled when the arrest warrants came out and in another country they are considered heroes when the reality is that we can demonstrate corruption of which they were part, and there are the tests and the evidence and there are the trials and it is not revenge, it is justice”.

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Then he warned that difficult and economic times are coming as well, so next week they will present the contingency plan for the effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine in Guatemala “which we are already experiencing.”

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