the live-action video game adaptation has found its (super) hero

Warner is preparing a live action adaptation of the game Minecraft which has found its main hero, in addition to its director.

At first glance, the idea of ​​adapting a video game devoid of a narrative framework like Minecraft can seem overwhelming at best, unachievable at worst. And it’s not the abandonment of Shawn Levy (Free Guy, Adam through time) in 2014 which reassured about the viability of the project. But when it comes to seizing a new license – video game and cult, moreover – Hollywood knows how to be pugnacious.

Several years after its start and the succession of several directors on the project, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the adaptation – now in the hands of director Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Super Nacho, The brains) – has finally reached an important stage of its pre-production in casting its lead actor.

Minecraft: PicturesAnd he will have less smooth pecs

If Steve Carrell was ever considered, it will finally be Jason Momoa who will take his pickaxe and play the architects to ensure his survival. At least, if the scenario of the film remains in line with the game of Mojang studios, whose characteristic pixelated aesthetic should already disappear in favor of a visual smoother than cubic. The feature film will be produced by Mary Parent, who will also produce the improbable adaptation of beybladeand Roy Lee, the producer of the next films Dragon’s Lair and Dungeons & Dragonswhile Jill Sobel Messick will be credited posthumously since development on the film began before her death in 2018.

Aquaman: photo, Jason MomoaJason Momoa in Aquaman

No other details have been released regarding Jason Momoa’s character, the rest of the cast or the creative direction the film will take, which is still not guaranteed to ever hit theaters. The actor will nevertheless join a new Warner franchise after his participation in the first chapter of Dunesthe ambitious adaptation of Denis Villeneuve and after putting on his Atlantean costume for the next Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

Last March, it was also confirmed that Jason Momoa will stand up to Vin Diesel and the rest of the F&Family (except Dwayne Johnson) in Fast & Furious 10. The actor will also return to Netflix with Slumberlandthe adaptation of the comics Little Nemo expected this year on the platform.

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