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In February of this 2022, Telemundo announced the realization of the eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies” with the return, nothing more and nothing less, of Rafael Amaya in his iconic character Aurelio Casillas. Although the news made the fans happy, as the days, weeks and months passed, everyone wondered what her triumphal entry to the tournament would be like. drug series. If you are one of those who is expecting, we will tell you the details of the return of the dangerous drug trafficker.

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As it is recalled, in the middle of the sixth installment, Rafael Amaya left fiction, so the production decided that his character remain in a coma after being shot in the head during a confrontation with El Cabo. In that condition he finished the season.

Although everyone hoped to see him again in the first episode of the seventh installment, the unimaginable happened, after his family hired a doctor to perform a risky procedure to wake him up. Despite the fact that the doctor warned of the risks, such as a stroke or cardiac arrest, the family nurse said she had everything covered, so Doña Alba was inclined to risk the life of her son.

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While his other sons and allies put the plan in motion to rescue Amado from his confinement, Aurelio’s operation began, and although the ‘lord of the skies’ he opened his eyes and sat up, the joy was short-lived as he immediately went into cardiac arrest, leading to his death. At least that was what we saw on screen. But now he is back. Giddy Up!

Although at the beginning of season 7 of "The Lord of the heavens" We saw Aurelio Casillas die, the truth is that this drug trafficker will return from the dead for installment 8 (Photo: Telemundo)
Although at the beginning of season 7 of “The Lord of the Skies” we saw Aurelio Casillas die, the truth is that this drug trafficker will return from the dead for installment 8 (Photo: Telemundo)


After seeing how Aurelio Casillas dies in season seven of “The Lord of the Skies”, the followers of the narco-series were outraged, but after Telemundo’s announcement announcing a new installment with the protagonist, the emotion invaded everyone, so that we detail what his return from the dead will be like.

The Resurrection of Aurelio Casillas

In a new advance of “The Lord of the Skies 8″, it is seen how Aurelio Casillas revives. A statement from the television network reads: “Dead men can tell the most extraordinary stories. The epic finale of the seventh season of ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ seemed to seal the end of legendary drug lord Aurelio Casillas, but we will witness his unforgettable ‘resurrection’ in the eighth season of Telemundo’s longest-running super series.”.

In this way, the drug dealer will surprise his friends and enemies, since he will return to take revenge for everything he has lost. Thus, he will have many allies to fulfill his objective; not only that, because he will be involved in romantic entanglements and will discover family mysteries.

Doña Alba crying inconsolably for the death of her son Aurelio Casillas in "The Lord of the heavens"At least that's what they made us believe at the beginning of installment seven (Photo: Telemundo)
Doña Alba crying inconsolably over the death of her son Aurelio Casillas in “The Lord of the Skies”, at least that’s what they made us believe at the beginning of installment seven (Photo: Telemundo)

What does the trailer for “The Lord of the Skies 8” look like?

In the advance of 1 minute and 30 seconds of “The Lord of the Skies 8″, a voice-over is heard pointing out a forceful phrase throughout the images: “It is said that only God sees us all, but sometimes, what is not seen has the power to destroy everything and everyone in its path”.

In the scenes we see Aurelio Casillas looking at the horizon with your arms behind you while holding a firearm. Then several cars with armed men heading to the place where he was buried.

As they advance, the face of the drug trafficker can be seen, who is in a horizontal position, wearing an oxygen mask. After that, a confrontation occurs and his people manage to enter and locate the space where he was buried.

They immediately take shovels and picks to start digging. Noticing the presence of his friends, Aurelio begins to desperately hit his wooden coffin, because he doesn’t have much time left. After that, They manage to get him out alive. As soon as he’s back, they hand him a gun and he says his popular “Giddy Up!”.


And it is that at the end of the seventh installment of “The Lord of the Skies” several characters from the Casillas clan are torn between life and death, after being poisoned at Doña Alba’s funeral by Pío and his henchmen.

Although Amado arrives to rescue them and asks Corina Naloxona to counteract the effects of the opioid, a big problem arises: they only have seven doses, so he must decide who to save. This is how the season ends.

For this reason, it is presumed that before these events, added to the death of his mother, Aurelio will have no qualms about ending all his enemies.


Rafael Amaya, who rose to fame after starring in “The Lord of the Skies,” is one of the most important actors in Spanish-language soap operas and series. At 44 years old, the Mexican interpreter has resumed his artistic career after three years of being away from acting and the public scene due to his addictions.

As you remember, it was at the end of 2020 when Rafael Amaya reappeared after a long silence and confessed that he had hit rock bottom due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs. The actor revealed that he had been admitted to the rehabilitation clinic of former boxer Julio César Chávez, located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. MORE DETAILS HERE.


Rafael Amaya was the protagonist of “The Lord of the Skies”, but he had to withdraw from the famous series due to his problems with alcohol and drugs. This kept him away from screens for more than two years.

The Mexican actor was in rehabilitation and left after fighting his addictions to resume his career on television.

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